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AsapSCIENCE - 3D Printing will Change Everything

Psychologic says...

Yes, you can (part by part perhaps), though there's at least one 3d printer that costs under $100.

Sniper007 said:

Right, but can I 3D print a 3D printer? If I'm paying $2.2k, I'd like to recoup that by selling a copy of the thing I just bought.

AsapSCIENCE - 3D Printing will Change Everything

It's almost never a good idea to show off on skis

Daily Show: GOP admits to racism and voter suppression

Psychologic says...

Well, this guy isn't a spokesperson for the GOP, so the title is a bit misleading.

I don't think the law is necessarily racist (individual politicians are a different story), but reducing voter turnout for Democratic voters is transparently one of its main strategic goals. Laws like this will have far more impact on election results than voter fraud ever could have.

Previously Unseen Tsunami Footage March 2011

Truck crash tire explosion.

Psychologic says...

Tires can definitely explode, especially if overinflated while cold. It's impressive how much the pressure increases in tires on those trucks during normal operation. I've seen it happen on garbage trucks a few times, though usually involving one of the rear tires.

Something flew off the left side of the screen due to whatever happened. It looked like a strip of tire, but there's no real way to tell with such a low res video.

Drachen_Jager said:

Tires don't explode like that. I think that was something in the engine. Threw a rod maybe?

rape-its your fault ladies

Brutal Doom Version 19 Trailer

Psychologic says...

I can't speak to which one has better gameplay or controls, but I like the visual style of this one better. It doesn't look as "advanced", but it seems more true to the ascetics of the original.

ant said:

I prefer Doomsday Engine.

Brutal Doom Version 19 Trailer

The greatest MMA staredown of all time

Psychologic says...

They do it to sell tickets, even if the fighters are close friends.

Most fighters are fairly respectful once they're in the cage together, but paychecks and the sport itself rely on people buying tickets/ppv access.

artician said:

I don't think there's anything wrong, un-alpha, or to be ashamed of when showing respect to an opponent. Only those who know they're not have to do that stupid little dance.

Japanese kid destroys at YoYo championship

The Greatest Zerg Strategy Ever!

Psychologic says...

I did something like this, except with a similar number of Overseers dumping changelings into their base. If you surround a production building with Changelings then it can't produce and they have to target each one individually to kill them. =)

Never Do This In Hotel

Psychologic says...

If I see someone completely naked in a public area then the possibility of a dangerous mental instability would certainly make me hesitate to put myself between them and their intended actions, especially with children nearby.

I'm considerably less concerned with the supposed horror of a child seeing what a naked human body looks like.

Personally I'd let them on the elevator, then quietly exit with the child.

renatojj said:

I guess the scenarios playing out in your head must be awful!

Never Do This In Hotel

FPS Russia Comes Closer Than Ever To Dirt Nap

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