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Ned Flanders' Naturally Selected Fish

Seattle cop kills nonthreatening pedestrian

Seattle cop kills nonthreatening pedestrian

Matthu says...

I thought maybe a new camera angle would show the murder, but it doesn't. As such, the new camera angle doesn't add anything to the video. I'm pretty sure that makes it a dupe.

Good lookin' out, @SDGundamX

Girl throwing live puppies in river

Girl throwing live puppies in river

Matthu says...

>> ^BoneRemake:

meh, I got a point.
promote for Death purposes


actually.. wow.. im surprised this only got 5 upvotes lol. This is old news though... it should've been published a long time ago.

It's one of the sickest vids on the net.

Obama On WikiLeaks Source Bradley Manning:"He Broke The Law"

Matthu says...

>> ^blankfist:

Remember when we used to hold freedom of speech as the greatest virtue of a free society?

this is the strawest man ever lol.

all this has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

Andrew Ference Says Fuck You To Fans

Matthu says...

>> ^NordlichReiter:

Eh.. The announcer can fuck off. Who gives a fuck if the players tell the fans or anyone else to fuck off.

Probably the fans give a fuck. His punishment shouldn't be the $2500 he was fined, his punishment should be to have to stay centre ice at the Bell Centre after game 7, without the protective glass.

See who he's telling to fuck off then.

Canadian Women's Favourite Pick-up Line - Shit Harper Did

Paul Ryan Booed at Town Hall for Opposing Raising Taxes

She just wants a Harper Government 3.0

Atheist Experience: a possible conversion?

TYT: Online Poker FBI Crackdown

Matthu says...

I don't follow the libertarian view that people should be left to their own devices. If they were, you'd see homeless junkies who gambled away their homes in the streets.

I think the easy solution is to tax the gambling industry up the wazoo. Make it profitable, but not billions of dollars profitable. When it's more profitable to open a casino than it is to open a school, you've got a problem.

Matthu (Member Profile)

Matthu says...

Ah, well, it's kinda all good. I haven't lost anyone I'm close with yet. Just grandparents, uncles, friends' parents and grandparents. I just don't like that people die lol. Guess I'm a baby that way.

>> ^gwiz665:

My condolences, mate.


Matthu (Member Profile)

Matthu says...


>> ^gwiz665:

BUt when t happens it comes in droves.
In reply to this comment by Matthu:
Donno how old you guys are, I'm 26 and people have been dropping like fucking flies lately. It sucks.
Luckily we'll all make it to the singularity and be able to live forever on the Internet!!
Be strong bare and keep your loved ones close.
>> ^gwiz665:
Just stumbled on this. I'm sorry for your losses and my heart breaks for your uncle.
In reply to this comment by bareboards2:
By the way, my Aunt Gene died on Friday. It's a blessing, really.
Now I worry about her husband. They had the heartache of burying all three of their childen -- my cousin Gaylan, age 57, died in his sleep last fall. And now my uncle has buried his wife. He does have grandkids, but he hasn't lived alone in over 50 years. I don't think he'll be with us by Christmas. He has a bad heart, and this is just too much, you know?
A generation is leaving us. My family has been lucky to keep so many for so long -- but now they are going, and going quick. We've lost five in the last two years. Plus Gaylan.
My dad is still here. In good shape mentally. He likes where he is, a VA Center in Oklahoma. It has a fishing pond out back. He is in charge of the fishing tackle closet, keeps everything in good order. When one of the guys has trouble with his reel, he goes to my dad. When some of the simple medical equipment jams, he fixes it for the nurses. He's 87. Amazing.

Canada's evil Prime Minister sings "Imagine" for photo-op

Matthu says...

blah blah blah

private prisons, mandatory minimums, extremist criminilization of marijuana, abortion and generally being a cunt.

those are all the reasons I need to do my part to make sure harper loses in my riding.

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