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Whatever you do, don't make fun of Hitler

Dice duel God of Gamblers Du shen 1989

We explain "Nordic Socialism" to Trump

Ickster says...

I know all that; I was specifically wondering why Deathcow thought our population size difference was important.

Mordhaus said:

It doesn't work because there is an intrinsic group think personality in the Nordic region.
Whether that level of spending is needed is another argument altogether. I personally think we overspend way too much on defense, but regardless it is a huge factor as to why we can't offer the same level of 'socialism' that the Nordic nations do. If we spent the same percentage as Norway, we would be saving close to 460 billion dollars a year that could be applied to other programs. Such as paying for college for qualified students or trade school for ones that are not college minded. Or providing benefits to new mothers that we currently don't.

We explain "Nordic Socialism" to Trump

Ickster says...

Why wouldn't it?

I can think of material reasons why what works in Denmark wouldn't work in other countries, but basic population doesn't seem important (once you have a basic population big enough to support the services, it seems like they'd scale just fine).

deathcow said:

Now scale the population up by 70 times, does it still hold together? USA has around 10 metropolitan areas with population higher than the entire country of Denmark.

I like what I hear.... but the USA is huge by comparison.


Ickster says...

I always end up skeptical of videos/articles of this nature when I'm able to pick out inaccuracies based on my vast storehouse of useless knowledge. For example, Walton's Five and Dime was actually a Ben Franklin franchise. He was frustrated with the franchise agreement, which caused him to go independent and open the first WalMart.

Vox: Why gamers use WASD to move

Ickster says...

For a long time, I slid the keyboard to the left and used my left hand on the 10-key because I found it a lot easier to center on--I found that it was too easy for my hand to drift on the alpha keys. Eventually though, games got complicated enough that I ran out of keys within easy reach of the 10-key and had to re-learn with WASD.

Why GM Cancelled The 1973-1978 GMC MotorHome

Tsunami following 7.7 Earthquake in Indonesia

DC-3 Bush Air Cargo Alaska

How Japan Keeps Millions of Residents Safe From Floods

Meet The Trump Fans Of Q-Anon

Ickster says...

". . . in blocks, and before ya know it, they're all saying the same thing."

Sounds to me like he's referring to the bullshit pushed by Sinclair, a right-wing organization.


Undercover in Myanmar's Sin city where anything goes

CeramicSpeed 99% Efficient Drive Shaft // Chain Free Bike

Ickster says...

I found the video interesting, mostly because the guy talking acknowledged that this clever tech required a redesign of half of the bike--work that hasn't been done yet.

I seriously doubt we'll ever see this on a production bike, because the engineering problems of making this work in the real world look insurmountable to me.

CeramicSpeed 99% Efficient Drive Shaft // Chain Free Bike

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