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EmptyFriend says...

hey just saw you post on something. question though, is your username in reference to the old Pinback song? i've seen them probably like 8 or so times now, i'm a big fan.

have a good one.

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EmptyFriend (Member Profile)

Unreleased Nirvana Track

The famed Cadborosaurus caught on tape?

rottenseed (Member Profile)

Bank of America Will "Help Rick Perry Out"

Ken Block's Gymkhana Four: The Hollywood Megamercial

Babysitting Kids Black Metal Style

Awesome talking puppet of Portal 2's "Wheatley"

"Rollin' in The Deep" - Military Acoustic Style.

$1870.00 Parking Fine


EmptyFriend says...

>> ^Sagemind:

Of course - with all-caps - I see you feel quite strongly about this.
>> ^EmptyFriend:

There was an old commercial, and we're talking like 10+ years ago, I forget what it was for but there was like a guy on stage telling bad jokes to a completely dead audience and you just hear 1 guy yell out "NOT FUNNY". This always sticks with me.

Mostly I just hate Shane Dawson, found nothing in this funny, and think the whole fad of planking is incredibly lame, unoriginal, and old.


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