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Will Smith smacks Chris Rock on stage at Oscars Uncensored

Digitalfiend says...

I did a bit more reading on the aftermath and it seems legit in that "could only happen in Hollywood" sort of way. Even considering Jada's alopecia, the bad joke didn't seem like it would be worth potentially ruining his career over. As you said, guys that are bald or fat or short, etc get made fun of ALL the time. What blows my mind is that he wasn't escorted out from the awards ceremony - it's even crazier that they still gave him the Oscar and let him make a speech.

newtboy said:

You aren’t alone…it seemed…off. That said, it’s hard to believe both of them and the Oscars would all think this was a good idea and script it.
I thought the smirk was a little self satisfied swagger, feeling like a big man before the reality hit that he had just blown his image.

I really want to think it’s just too dumb to be staged, who looks good here?…but dumber things have happened.

Will Smith smacks Chris Rock on stage at Oscars Uncensored

Digitalfiend jokingly says...

Am I the only one who thinks that slap was a stunt of some sort? The awkwardness of how Will slapped Chris just feels like it was premeditated and not an emotional spur of the moment thing. Then the little swagger and smirk in his walk back didn't seem to jive with someone who was angry (or enraged). Watch it closely or in slow motion. Not saying the slap didn't make contact, but it

The only confusing part was Will's outburst once back in his seat. That seemed more genuine and created that real sense of awkward silence.

Might explain the lack of pressing charges, the Academy's weak response, etc. Who knows...and really who cares. I'm not a fan of Chris Rock's "humour" (it's a strain for me to call him humorous) and couldn't care less about the Oscars or Will Smith. I'm more curious whether this was staged or if Will Smith really slaps like a girl...

Tesla stunt ends in crash in Echo Park neighborhood

Digitalfiend says...

How stupid can you be ... what did they think the outcome of that was going to be? But as long as they got it on video, that's what really matters.

Then again, two kids in my area were caught driving a stolen Hyundai SUV. They ran into the pursuing police cruiser and then a few fences while trying to get away. They are 11 and 12 yrs old...


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Caught in the middle of a rock fall

Digitalfiend says...

Yeesh some of those rocks were bigger than her head - I can't imagine that helmet would have done much to protect her from a rock that size traveling with that much speed. So lucky.

Cobra Firing Flechettes In Vietnam

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