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Trump's Covid 19 Plan, Get Cancer Then Poison Yourself

Michelin Introduce Puncture Proof Airless Tire

Deadrisenmortal says...

Um? What about driving through water? Snow? Loose gravel? I have to imagine that they are going to pick up and potentially throw loose material in odd ways. I am all for the airless tires but I am pretty sure they haven't engineered a way to avoid the need for sidewalls.

Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

Do you want an explosion?

Deadrisenmortal says...

Anyone else happen to notice the gas can at the bottom right of the screen? A little less about the leaves and a little more about the petroleum accelerant I think.

Love the effect though.

Musician Convinced The Canadian Navy To Lend Him A Submarine

How to subdue a machete-wielding man without killing him

Deadrisenmortal says...

First statement = opinion
The remaining life of one man versus 30 minutes of time for 30 men.

Second statement = uninformed

Third statement = uneducated opinion
The incident involved a large number of trained officers presumably adequately trained to assess and address the situation

The entire last paragraph = biased conjecture
All projected outcomes proposed are negative. All possible positive outcomes ignored.

Troll Score = 10/10
Every word inflammatory and pointless yet I am compelled to reply...

Well played sir.

Jerykk said:

This seems woefully inefficient. A few tazers would have incapacitated him a lot quicker and more safely and woudn't have required 30 cops with riot shields. This guy was a threat and the longer the cops waited to subdue him, the more likely he was to hurt someone.

And now the guy's in a mental hospital (probably on taxpayer money), receiving treatment that probably won't work. If he is ever released or escapes, there's a fair chance that he'll hurt someone or do something dangerous. If he is never cleared for release, he'll continue to be a drain on resources while contributing nothing to society or the economy.

Point a videocam at its own monitor. Voila: mind pizza

Hockey Fights now available pre-game! Full-teams included!

Deadrisenmortal says...

Hrmmm, hockey can be a brutal full contact sport with explosive mid-ice collisions and teeth rattling board checking. Any of those hits could be career ending, life altering, and even deadly. What is the concern about a few punches to the face?

AeroMechanical said:

If I were a hockey player, and another player took a swing at me and broke my nose, could I have them charged with assault? I don't see why not.

I'm sure there's a never-mentioned clause in their contracts that tries to prevent that, but that certainly wouldn't stand up in court. Of course, the player would be blackballed for it. There will come a day, though, when in the NHL one of the enforcers will forget to adequately pull his punches and the other player will be seriously maimed. If I were that player, I'd at least go for a civil suit against the league. Maybe contracts mean more in that case, but it would be the most likely way to see an end to the suits encouraging fights.

I mean, look, here I am watching a video of a fight in a league I've never really heard of before, and I haven't even watched an NHL game in 10 years, and hockey was my primary sport growing up.

Kid Gets Head Stuck In Gate

Deadrisenmortal says...

I did the same thing when i was little. i went up the stairs on the outside of the iron banister and climbed through only to get my head stuck. i yelled for help and everyone came running trying help get me unstuck but nothing worked. After giving up and getting ready to cut through the railing someone asked me how I got stuck there in the first place, I stepped through the bars and showed them. Much eye rolling then commenced.

World's Best Cat Toy Keeps Kitty Busy For Hours!

Kinetic Rain - World's largest kinetic art sculpture

A 12-Year Old Girl's Devastating Critique of the Banks

Deadrisenmortal says...

Although I am 100% behind the message I am with DFT on the delivery system. There is no evidence that this is anything more than a little bird singing a song she has been taught to sing. If there was a question and answer period or a challenge presented by an audience member that she was able to take on intelligently I might change my mind. Until that happens my advice is to stop using your kid to sell your message.

>> ^schlub:

Ahh, the old "kids are too stupid to have minds of their own" approach...
>> ^dystopianfuturetoday:
but I find it creepy when parents use their kids as a political mouthpiece.

Neil Degrasse Tyson - Earth Is Bad For Life

Deadrisenmortal says...


"Evil can be caused to others not only by action but also by inaction, and in either case the perpetrator is justly accountable for any resulting injury."

and thus if the earth refuses to move itself out of the path of an oncoming asteroid it is then culpable, at least in part, for the consequences.

When is international "Blame Earth Day" celebrated anyway?

>> ^Bhruic:

Pretty sure you can't blame the Earth for asteroids. Just saying.

"What More Do We Want This Man To Do For Us"

Deadrisenmortal says...

I cannot help myself. Time for a rambling rant...

Why would a society that is so capitalistic in nature look to the government for job creation? What happened to the invisible hand of the market? (These are sarcastic and rhetorical questions btw)

There are fewer jobs for so many reasons that have nothing to do with government inaction.
eg: HP to layoff up to 30,000 staff

These layoffs are proposed because the company profit to employee ratio is less than Apple or Google. This is a crazy reason to layoff people. Wouldn't it be better to try and drive up revenue rather than cut jobs? What would you like the government to do about something like this?

Personally I think that exporting of raw materials and outsourcing of manufacturing and services should be made illegal! However that would mean that we would be paying a lot more for those goods and services that we enjoy at child labour prices today. That would turn that little WalMart smile upside down.

It is certainly true that through civil projects the government could create jobs but that would increase either taxes or the deficit (or both). Alternatively they could reduce taxes for all, giving people and businesses more to spend (oooh, probably not a good idea with that multi trillion dollar deficit sitting there and that massive military machine that needs constant feeding).

I agree with GenjiKilpatrick, if you want to spur the economy and see an increase in the number of jobs look to yourself; inovate, create, sell, expand, hire. Don't sit back waiting for someone to open a door for you.

>> ^bobknight33:

Nice graph. I'd would not call it a MILESTONE. But it does not do enough. What about all those who stopped looking? Those people are not counted and unemployed. They still need jobs.
You must live in a glass bubble. There are less and less jobs to be had.
I drive all around the western half of North Carolina - Every month I see another shop close here and there. It has not stopped. It is sad to see.

I feel for you that you don't understand reality but just what the Party puts out as "truth"

>> ^NetRunner:

Catholic School Teacher Fired For In Vetro Fertilization

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