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Crocodile befriends future dinner

FPSRussia: Glock 17 Explosive Ammo!

Man Struck Twice By Lightning

Croccydile says...

Unfortunately I have a hard time believing this as well. Most of these security cams have AGC and with it being that dark at night the lightning flash would have been a complete whiteout for at least a few frames of video. Instead you see a clearly defined bolt (for a single frame no less) and the rest of the frame looks like they just turned up the brightness.

Hell, even if this was broad daylight lightning that close would have overloaded the camera sensor anyways. Sorry. This is a bad attempt at a fake in my book.

High School Grad Builds 8-bit Computer From Scratch

Croccydile says...

This reminds me of a ZX-81 (also cheap PC CGA cards) with the screen snow/flicker in order to save on cost and complexity. Cool stuff that I wish I could really do

Really good chiptune music to go with it as well

This sort of architecture was also not unusual in the commercial world as well. There were several computers with TTL CPUs as well as a few arcade (Cinematronics) games.

Linux for noobs (Blog Entry by moodonia)

Croccydile says...

With Ubuntu in mind, you may want to take a look at the 10.04 LTS version before the latest one as well.

Ubuntu can be run as a live CD and installation these days is really simple. If the last time you looked at Linux was 6 years ago you will likely be surprised at how easy it is now.

oritteropo (Member Profile)

Video from inside the Joplin F5 Tornado

New Rubik's Cube Speed Record

How The Nokton f0.95 Camera Lens is Made!

Farm tractor with Volkswagen Golf GTI motor

Zero Punctuation: Portal 2

Croccydile says...

>> ^NetRunner:

I loved playing Portal 2, and I enjoyed it with the new pure-comedy tone, but I did kinda miss that creepy ominous vibe from the first game.

Since I was late to the Portal party (I admitted to having never played/seen the first game) I did manage to finish Portal 2 in both SP and Co-Op.

My biggest regret was first of all how easy the game was to me, and as Yahtzee states... there is practically zero replay value. Unless you are going for achivements or speed runs.

I'm usually quite poor at puzzle games and for this one to be easy to me (finished SP in 6 hours) it must have been a ummm... cakewalk... for everyone else.

EDIT: I should probably state that the game was still very enjoyable. I did not mean to intend that the game sucked because of said shortcomings.

Pride Leader Earning His Keep

Croccydile says...


Crocodile - Hey Frank can I borrow your X-Box?
Lion - Fuck no last time you borrowed it you got it all wet!
Crocodile - Oh sorry man, I'll just be on my way then

CINEMA 4D Soft Body Dynamics

Croccydile says...

If not realtime, would not put it past having acceleration using a GPU with todays hardware.

When nVidia put out the first physX for GPUs there was a realtime softbody demo, slow... but proved the principle on now 4 year old hardware.

Stop Torrenting!

Croccydile says...

>> ^GeeSussFreeK:

My DVD sits and tells me not to copy it for 10 mins...I think I would rather download it that have that inconvenience forever.

This is why even on DVDs I own I have to re-rip them to get rid of all the junk you are forced to watch because of PUOs (Prohibited User Operations by the way). Being able to hit Root Menu without the stupid cross symbol = yay.

>> ^gwiz665:

Lol, they torrent from the worst sites.
The real deal is exactly the opposite.
The pirate gets the movie before the DVD owners.
The pirate can see the movie without warnings, commercials and trailers.
The pirate can use his $30 on beer and socializing.
The pirate doesn't need a crappy dvd box.

As long as pirating offers a better service and/or product it will continue getting bigger.

Exactly this as well, why I stopped paying $20 a pop for the "real" thing when you can get high quality rips now that go straight to the movie, do not pass go and do not show annoying advertisements. I understand with Netflix and rentals now they are putting out special "degraded" discs that are lacking special features but from what I've seen they can keep that extra fluff. I think I have about 230 retail DVDs and of those I may have looked at the special features on perhaps 10 movies. Often they are poorly done as well and lopped on to give you a sense of value.

Train Has A Crazy Electrical Fault

Croccydile says...

>> ^MaxWilder:

It looks more like a downed power line than an electrical fault.

It sounds distinctively DC, and the pantograph (thingy that connects the train to the overhead line) is engaged.

Indeed it is a grounding fault if it moves to a different pantograph rather than burning out at one spot.

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