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Aliens' queen scene.

ChaosEngine says...

I’ve always loved the look Ripley gives the queen after the egg opens.

“Really? You’re gonna pull that shit? I was gonna be cool, but then you had to be a bitch about it....”

The difference between water and beer

ChaosEngine says...

That’s just Budweiser. There’s actually some really good craft beer coming out of America these days (Stone, Ballast Point, Dogfish Head ... to name a few).

Payback said:

Nah, American beer and sex in a canoe are similar because they're both fucking close to water.

Racist Australian Senator egged by hero kid

ChaosEngine says...

to quote Colbert “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck.. why is it goose-stepping?”

See, I don’t give a fuck if you’re Pakistani, your comments are still racist. It would be racist of me if I did.

transmorpher said:

Ah that didn't take long, only 2 comments in. Classic lefty.

I'm Pakistani BTW......

EDIT: And for the 3rd time:

Religion is not race.

And I mentioned in my first comment, that the world needs fewer racists lol

Racist Australian Senator egged by hero kid

ChaosEngine says...

"go to western sydney, blah blah whatabout whatabout whatabout waaaahhhh" yawn..... been there, done that.

Are there some Muslims who aren't great people? Sure. Same way as there are some awful white people. But if I tarred them all with the same brush, I'd be as ignorant as senator wankstain.

And he's racist as fuck.

So if you want to learn how a left wing politician speaks with compassion, empathy and eloquence, I suggest you read NZ PM Jacinda Ardern's speech.

"We cannot know your grief, but we can walk with you at every stage. We can. And we will, surround you with aroha (love), manaakitanga(support) and all that makes us, us. Our hearts are heavy but our spirit is strong."

"Naeem Rashid, originally from Pakistan, died after rushing at the terrorist and trying to wrestle the gun from him. He lost his life trying to save those who were worshipping alongside him.

Abdul Aziz, originally from Afghanistan, confronted and faced down the armed terrorist after grabbing the nearest thing to hand – a simple eftpos machine. He risked his life and no doubt saved many with his selfless bravery."

And if you want to read how she speaks with resolve...

"A 28-year-old man – an Australian citizen – has been charged with one count of murder. Other charges will follow. He will face the full force of the law in New Zealand. The families of the fallen will have justice.

He sought many things from his act of terror, but one was notoriety.

And that is why you will never hear me mention his name.

He is a terrorist. He is a criminal. He is an extremist.

But he will, when I speak, be nameless."

I will waste no more time on your pathetic racist arse.

transmorpher said:

You've just proved exactly what I'm talking about.

You can't prove anything he said was racist, so we go straight to the lefty thing of calling me "low" because you've mistaken moral outrage for an actual argument.

You live close to Western Sydney if you are from NZ. Go there dressed with the slightest hint of being homosexual, Jewish, or if you are female show a little bit of leg. You'll see the real bigotry and intolerance very quickly.

Racist Australian Senator egged by hero kid

ChaosEngine says...

From the image you posted:
"The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place"

No, the real cause is a racist fuck head with a gun who decided to murder innocent people.

Also, maybe do a couple of seconds of research before posting. Anning is a well known racist dickbag who has spoken before about a "final solution".

You can ignore it and play semantics all you want, but there's no question of his position.

Also, your ignorance is really showing when you start talking about "lefties" condemning him, when he was condemned by Australian PM Scott fucking Morrison who's about as left-wing as Paul Ryan.

I never had much respect for you transmorpher, but this is a new low even for you.

transmorpher said:

Indeed that would be be the lowest of the low, but where did he actually do that? I mean the media says he did, but in this speech nothing of the sort is mentioned.

Racist Australian Senator egged by hero kid

ChaosEngine says...

don't give up the day job just yet

BSR said:

Egg Noggin. HA HA HA! Get it!

It was an EGG on his NOGGIN!

I crack myself up.


CRACK myself up!

Crack an egg. Get it?

I ought to be on stage. Next one out of town. HA! GET IT?

Racist Australian Senator egged by hero kid

ChaosEngine says...

@newtboy that is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of.

As for the kid (whose real name is Will Connolly) the defence fund is now around $30000, and part of the fund is earmarked for "buying more eggs". Will has stated he intends to donate most of the money to victim support*, once again being an absolutely top bloke. He's already been jokingly nominated for "Honorary New Zealander of the year".

Also to put his attack into context... in terms of victims per capita, if this had happened in the US, it would be the statistical equivalent of 9/11.

*there has already been nearly NZ$5m raised for the victims.

Racist Australian Senator egged by hero kid

ChaosEngine says...

*promote this absolute legend of a kid!

Also, I'd like to repost what I said about senator fuck-knuckle on Friday:

"I would like to post an eloquent rebuttal of this complete and utter nonsense. I’d like to point out that blaming the innocent people on the day they’ve been brutally slaughtered is the lowest of the low, and that to do so as a representative at a government level is not only disgraceful, but a blight on the very concept of democracy.

But it’s late, I’m tired and quite frankly, it’s been kind of a shitty day.

So instead, I’d like to invite senator dickbag to go fuck himself so very, very much and I hope he gets the most unpleasant of diseases for the rest of his miserable (hopefully brief) pathetic existence."

'Our gun laws will change': New Zealand Prime Minister

ChaosEngine says...

still kind of in shock over this. If you'd asked me Friday, I'd have said that our gun laws were actually pretty sensible and struck a good balance between public safety and the rights of individuals.

I don't know what I think anymore. I'm just sickened that this would happen here.

These kids play outside no matter how cold it gets

Women: Know Your Limits! International Women's Day

Hail Satan?-Trailer

ChaosEngine jokingly says...

As a left leaning liberal, I want to describe my philosophy. Because I belief in collective solutions and I think that some problems need to be addressed at a national level, I was thinking I would call it “National Socialism” (I could even abbreviate it if necessary).

Surely no one will possibly confuse that with anything else?

Back in Black - Social Media Helps Measles Make a Comeback

ChaosEngine says...

As much as I approve the message, and as fun as it is to call pro-plague people idiots, I’m not sure if this actually achieves much.

There’s plenty of research that says that this kind of antagonistic approach just entrenches people further in their views.

Hail Satan?-Trailer

GIANTS - Whale sharks of Isla Mujeres

ChaosEngine says...


I was lucky enough to swim with whale sharks on Isla Holbox off the Yucatan peninsula.

It’s a memory I’ll take to my grave. Such amazing creatures.

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