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No Parent Should Have to Have "The Talk."

11 Year Old Naomi Wadler's Speech At The March for our Lives

ChaosEngine says...

yeah, the channel assignments are fucked up.

and I guess *talks

but this is still a *quality speech, so I'm upvoting it.

Fissures Merge To Form Massive Lava River

Introducing the Xbox Adaptive Controller

ChaosEngine says...

Part of me feels this is an incredibly cynical marketing move, but that part is overridden by the rest of me applauding Microsoft for doing something fucking awesome.


Also, love me a good *engineering solution to a problem

YouTube takes down History Documentary for being "Offensive"

ChaosEngine says...

Heard this story so many times. YouTube are TERRIBLE at this. If you're lucky enough to be one of their big content creators, then they'll probably review it and sort it out. If you're a small time player, then good luck even getting a human to look at your case.

And even when it does get sorted out, for a lot of people who make their money from YouTube content creation, that money is made in the first few weeks. If YouTube decide your video is bad, then you're not getting any money, even if they reverse the decision.

Magnet Collision in Slow Motion

Angry Man Threatens To Call ICE On Women Speaking Spanish

Seagulls Are Dicks.

Cyclists Tempt Darwin

When Driver And Co-Driver Don't Mesh

ChaosEngine says...

I’m pretty sure this is fake. They’ve probably just dubbed the audio over.

b4rringt0n said:

The co driver calls are not really correct. I have never heard the terms he is using in a professional rally. He should be shouting the direction left/right followed by a numbering system from 1-6 where 1 is the sharpest. The other 3 calls are square, hairpin and acute.

When dad childproofs the BBQ


These revelations about Iran show Obama got played!

ChaosEngine says...

Awesome parody!

Wait..... this ISN'T the Onion? This shit is real???


Wow, Poe's law is in full effect here.

lurgee (Member Profile)

Is Kanye West the Mythical Black Republican?

ChaosEngine jokingly says...

That was *quality and I didn't even vote for Obama.

I mean, I would have, but I don't live in the US. Also, I don't have a daughter, but if I did, I'm fine with you dating her, Curtis.

We cool? Sweet, thanks brother!

ahh fuck, I took it too far, didn't I........

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