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Aretha Franklin - Think (feat. The Blues Brothers)

THE DARK KNIGHT - The Kill Counter (2008) Christopher Nolan

Privacy is NO LONGER a Social Norm

ChaosEngine says...

"Only 3% of people who use google have actually read the terms and conditions that they agreed to. "

3%?? I would have been amazed if it was as high as 0.3%.
3% would be (conservatively) over 10 million people. I doubt it's anywhere close to that.

I am not sure that privacy as a concept is even possible in a world with machine learning algorithms and big data. That's not a value judgment; I don't think privacy is worthless, I just find it increasingly untenable.

Machine learning has gotten so good, that even if you anonymise data, it's now pretty easy to tell a lot about you. Your digital fingerprint is there and an AI will be 99% correct about your age, gender, politics, sexual orientation, etc, even without you giving up that data.

THE DARK KNIGHT - The Kill Counter (2008) Christopher Nolan

ChaosEngine says...

Eh, they don't merit a downvote... they're just meh.

They add nothing, they're just a poorly edited collection of clips. There's no commentary about why the death was important to the story, there's no cool "this is how we threw this guy off a roof" behind the scenes stuff.

It's just taking someone else's art, slapping a counter on it and waiting for the ad money.

Actually, I've just talked myself into downvoting this.

BSR said:

Honestly, I have to agree. Dishonestly, I love them.

Won't downvote because I like ants.

THE DARK KNIGHT - The Kill Counter (2008) Christopher Nolan

Warrnambool's wombat street art is a happy accident

The Nazi Pedophile Apocalypse Cult

man assaults teen in gym

Doctors Urge Americans: GO VEGAN!

ChaosEngine jokingly says...

I'm level 7.... I have violated the laws of thermodynamics and exist in a perpetual motion state powered only by my own smug sense of self-satisfaction.

Mordhaus said:

I myself am a level 6 Vegan, I now only require sunlight to sustain myself. No food, no water, just Prana from the miraculous rays of the Sun.

Doctors Urge Americans: GO VEGAN!

ChaosEngine says...

I’ve just finished reading The Angry Chef. I highly recommend it as a no nonsense, science-based guide to debunking fad diets.

I’m not sure I agree with everything written, but it’s nice to read a book that talks about enjoying food (even “bad” food) instead of punishing people for their choices.

Mean Tweets - Hip Hop Edition

DOOM Eternal – Official Gameplay Reveal

DOOM ETERNAL: Doomguy arrives on Phobos.

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

Star Trek: Awesome Kirk Moments "Not My Ship You Don't!"

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