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Porn for fossil fuel industry

Bojeebees says...

Wish I could say I was surprised that they aren't detaching and re-using parts that can be re-used prior to demolition.

My 50 Cal Exploded

Bojeebees says...

Am I the only one that twitches a little whenever someone who's nearly died chooses to thank their God instead of all the doctors nurses, and EMTs that were actually directly involved in the life saving process?

Power Japan Plus - Dual Carbon Battery

Every Man should be Grapefruited (wait for it)

Bojeebees says...

This video should have a message at the beginning letting men know that if they don't know what she's taking about, they should stop watching immediately and email the video to their partner....I would have loved to receive this as a surprise. But am loving it either way.

Will a Heated Snowboard Go Faster?

Fox Attacks "anti-business" LEGO movie

Bojeebees says...

Spoiler warning: If you have not seen the Lego Movie, and you want to (you should, it's great) DO NOT READ..

If they had watched the movie, they'd understand why the "Bad Guy" was named President Business. It had nothing to do with business. [spoiler]At the end of the movie, the "God/Creator" character that is discussed by the main characters is revealed to be a little boy, that's playing with his Father's massively awesome Lego set. The boy, who is not allowed to play with the Legos, thinks of his father as a business man that never creates anything unique/creative with his Legos.[/spoiler]

It is not an Anti-capitalist movie. But this video is another perfect example of Fox reacting to something without having a proper understanding of what they're reacting to.

EMT Attempts to Apprehend "High-as-a-Kite" Woman

The real cost of faith - Matt crushes poor caller.

Uncontacted Tribe in Brazilian jungle filmed from plane

Ken Ham vs. Rev. Barry Lynn Over Tax Funded Bible Theme Park

Bojeebees says...

Hebrew National Hotdogs, served as Denial Dogs
Unicorn Sandwiches
Dinosaur Saddles
Dove Bars
Cross shaped Cheetos (Sold as Cheesus)
Spaghetti Monster Entrees
Holy Watering Cans
Edible Fig leaves
Spare Ribs
Sinful Apples
Snake Whips

I want in.
>> ^probie:

I want in on this so bad. Just imagine:
Themed breakfasts $69.95/person - only $10 more if you want an image of our lord and saviour burned into your toast
Wafers and ham - $22.95 - succulent pieces of our host, served with deviled ham spread.
Holy bottled water - $13.50

FOX removes laughs during Obama's SOTU, adds crickets

Bojeebees says...

I'm sure you don't think it's funny for our President to joke about the loss of more freedom?...Besides, he didn't "address" the pat-downs, he attempted to make a joke about what all of us (the little people) are having to endure. Even in the name of safety, what the TSA is doing is wrong. How many more of our freedoms are we willing to surrender under the guise of safety? It'd be one thing if the TSA was effective...But they aren't, they are simply an illusion of security. In addition to that, part of being "free" is having the right to travel in the US without showing ID or being subjected to pat-downs, body scans, etc. without reason.

Journalism was hijacked long ago. Its advent came before CNN, Fox News or MSNBC. But it's gotten so bad I worry we will never truly know where the truth might be hiding. I used to think if I read enough from as many sources as possible, that I could kind of point in the general direction of truth, but the fog's getting thicker each year.

The descent into madness is unfortunately, for many, unavoidable. You either buy the BS or you don't. In the meantime, I'd prefer our President to joke about salmon (which was kinda funny) and not the decline of our personal freedoms. Feeling this way shouldn't be seen as a left or right thing, but a human thing. >> ^cosmovitelli:

Except for bojebees who apparently is more offended at the president addressing the TSA pat-downs in a way he doesn't like (but still on the most public forum in the country) than his country's inevitable descent into madness by the hijacking of journalism for political obfuscation

FOX removes laughs during Obama's SOTU, adds crickets

Bojeebees says...

While the cricket noise is childish and's fox"news". What I can't believe is that our president would make a joke out of TSA pat-downs. Because the loss of freedom is soo damn funny.

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"We Need a Christian Dictator" - since the ungodly can vote

Keith Olbermann Says Goodbye in Last Edition of Countdown

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