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Beto finds little to laugh about and says so

Beto finds little to laugh about and says so

BicycleRepairMan says...

Its so strange that you can describe and discuss the murder of children with a machine gun, but the moment you say "motherfucker", thats the explicit part that "some may find offensive"

Maybe its time to grow the fuck up?

The Shopping Cart Theory

BicycleRepairMan says...

I have left the shopping cart. but only because I had small kids in the car. But then again having kids is a perpetual state of emergency, so I guess it falls under that clause, and I might be welcomed back into civilization.

Dogs vs statues

Crazy Rocketman: Rocketman riding the Rocket Board!

LPL - StopBox’s AR-15 Chamber Lock

James May's Tesla Model S has failed!

BicycleRepairMan says...

Why does James May (or anyone else for that matter) have a
£100k car standing parked for months? A: hes got too much money and cars, thats why. its obscene. if he doesnt drive the fucking thing, sell it, rent it out or better yet, loan it out to someone in need. he'll be helping someone, saving the environment, and get rid of his stupid battery problem, which, if he can afford to have a tesla sitting unused and charged in a garage, he could afford a mechanic to fix for him.

The top gear assholes succeeds to disappoint again, like the time they faked problems with the tesla roadster to give it a thumbs down.

Fuck off , James May.

Harvey Weinstein, Trump, Systemic Sexism: A Closer Look

BicycleRepairMan says...

FUCK, i hate it when someone i agree with makes a poor argument, Yes, Trump is a self-admitted sexist and sexual harraser, and perhaps worse (even in that field), and he is totally unfit for any pulic office, but his (unwarranted) assault on PR's mayor cannot be explained by sexism; case in point: his latest twitter barrage(among many like it) was against bob corker (old, white,male, republican) or, in Trumps words "liddle corker" and its all because he lashes out uncontrollably against ANYONE that ushers the slightest hint of criticism of him or his ideas. And this is the problem with Trump: He is just.. insane.. the guy is not stable. Regardless of his sexism, racism,sexual predatoriness, HE IS NOT FIT FOR OFFICE.

"Trump has no desire and no capacity to lead the world'

BicycleRepairMan says...

Well, I suppose he kinda explains it in the video, the US has, post ww2 been the guiding star of the west, being both separated in a unique way, and a steadfast ally, and the, by far, most powerful nation, they could afford and permit themselves to stake out the course and push a little harder than other nations. if , say france or belgium or whatever were to "take the lead" on an issue like north korea, the response would be "You and what army?"

I agree 100% with this video, the west has simply lost its leader.

deathcow said:

> Where was the statement condemning North Korea?
> Other leaders expected it and would have backed it
> but it never came.

Don't get me wrong I despise Trump but why didn't that statement come from one of the other 19 countries?

What Die-Hard Fans Don't Even Know About The Big Bang Theory

BicycleRepairMan says...

I cannot for the life of me fathom how anyone could ever like tbbt , its the most boring repetetive recipe-sitcom ever . Bad , over the top sterotyped characters crap "jokes" propped up by canned laughter .. if the laugh track wasnt there , you wouldnt even notice there was a joke there . WHY?? WHY IS THIS CRAP POPULAR??!

Where in the world is it easiest to get rich? Surprise.

BicycleRepairMan says...

He is one of Norways best comedians, actually, but almost all of his material is in Norwegian, however, there is one sketch which is at least partially english

MilkmanDan said:

Extremely interesting, and as @eric3579 pointed out, the guy has a really fun sense of humor as well. I loved how by the end, he got a big laugh out of the watermarked stock image without even having to comment on it.

Better Call Saul: The Origins of Squat Cobbler

BicycleRepairMan says...

Interesting, theres a pretty long story about this on an episode of Penns Sunday School, Penn seems pretty confident that he is the source of this idea. Basically the story goes like this: Penn and some other guy was having people in for an audition, and the other guy told Penn that maybe the scene would would better if the actress could "sit on up high" which penn misheard as "sit on a pie", Penn, not having slept for several weeks, thought this was so funny that in good Penn-style, he decided to hire nude models and order a bunch of pies and essential made pie-sitting-porn which he then sendt out to a bunch of show-business people on his mailing list, creating mass confusion, as he was the only one that was actually in on the joke.

Ben Carson Wants To Put Something Inside Your Head

BicycleRepairMan says...

The stupid is dense here , but the worst part is the last clip , thats just not true! And he is a brain surgeon ! WTF , thats just not how the brain /memory works ! The brain stores fragments and remembers in patterns, not at all anything like a digital harddrive , where this kind of memory recovery would be possible. What the hell kind of crappy ass brain surgeon is this?

Tortoise impersonating Owen Wilson - WOW!

BicycleRepairMan says...

Just to ruin the fun , ill just note here that as a general rule "cute" ,repetetive behaviour exhibited by captive animals is a result of the lack of stimuli. But I'm sure someone will help Owen Wilson eventually.

Biased CNN Reporter Didn’t Know He Was Still On The Air,

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