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Whining Baby Boomers

YelloPain - My Vote Dont Count

Ashenkase says...

This is excellent. He starts by spouting "me me me" type concepts but then goes on to educate the listener and then gives concrete actions people can take to make change.

What Are Shin Splints?

F/A-18F Carrier Break

Log Drive

Mark Higgins' full lap at the Isle of Man

When Your Mom Forces You to Fight a Bully – Ali Siddiq

The Great Mattress Migration of 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Wake up early and make it happen

Electromagnetic Railgun Firing Hypervelocity Projectile

Ashenkase says...

If I am not mistaken that looks like a power plan in the background (nuclear possibly?). Makes sense, these railguns take a huge amount of energy to prime.

Father Rants Heavily About His Daughter's Eyebrows

Cart Narcs Catch A Dumb Hag

Ashenkase says...

I can get behind this, "your a big ol lazy bones"... lol, love it

Sagemind said:

I only needed to make it into a few seconds into this video to realize this video was about a self-righteous Douche who wants to exploit people for non-conformity and vilify them for something so menial.
I can't get behind shaming people for living their lives and doing things someone else don't agree with. She's not doing anything illegal or harming anyone.

(As a student, collecting carts was part of my job at closing at the end of every day. I had a job and enjoyed getting out of the store - I don't endorse this guys intentions)

BEAUTIFUL SCOTLAND (Highlands / Isle of Skye)

Ashenkase says...

About half of the locations are in Skye, most of the castles and lighthouses are not on Skye. OP has all his sites identified in Google Maps if you click on through to the Youtube page.

Full Self-Driving Timelapse

What Drunks See

Ashenkase says...

Nothing quality about it, this is sad. That guy is sick as hell and needs help or he will be finding an early grave if he hasn't already.

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