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Re-Entry | A Short Film about Life and Death

Ashenkase says...

Why not every life in the universe across time. If there is a soul then I find it a bit silly that it should be bound to earth only.

From 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 1 second

Ashenkase says...

That has to be a pre-determined flight path flown by the onboard computer. Flying that back at yourself manually could end up with dead person(s).

I Crashed My Plane

Ashenkase says...

The FAA report will be out in a year. I hope this goes to criminal charges, a complete disregard for human safety (not his).

Seems Dave Grohls daughter has some singing skills

Car Hauler Vs Amtrak train

Ashenkase says...

Looking up at speed, especially if there was a curve could derail the train. That train was at speed and even if the engineer locked it up it would have been the same result. Another reason why the brakes might not be engaged is that the engineer ducked down into a part of his cab that is a bit more safe... remember those guys take the brunt of these types of collisions sometimes. I really feel for the poor truck driver... he sounds like his livelihood just vanished and he is realizing it.

newtboy said:

Ok, I understand the train likely couldn't stop in time, but it sure looked like it didn't even try to slow down. Was there even a driver up front watching the tracks? It appears to be a long straight track section with excellent visibility. I would expect the train to be under full emergency braking before the impact, but it doesn't look like it is. Hmmmm.

Meteor Fireball over Eagle, ID - 7/3/21

Fire pilot makes epic drop at an extremely low level

Ashenkase says...

I am assuming he has gear down to increase drag to slow down even more? Have never seen one of these drops with gear down like that.

Clever Orangutan Makes a Fair Trade With Human

Steak boiled in 300 degree butter - Korean street food

Ashenkase says...

Its clarified butter. All that scum he took off the top was the cooked dairy coming out of the butter oil. Why he choose to season the beef with salt at the end is odd... usually salt for searing... would have added much more flavor. This is basically deep fried steak in butter oil. I sure arteries were clogged.

Viral How Much Did Your Divorce Cost

Guard Dog Fails Test

Cockney Star Trek

SpaceX Starship Test Flight | SN10 sticks the landing

Ashenkase says...

Check out Scott Manley's breakdown of the landing. There where 2 wee little landing legs that did not lock, which meant the skirt hit the ground on the hard bounce. Damage happened, leaks ensued, kablooey.

SFOGuy said:

Landing rockets is hard. Really hard. Make your brain hurt from thinking hard. I wonder what actually happened? Sounds like the post-landing fuel venting--created a pool of explosive vapor and stuff came in contact with an ignition source?

Next time it lands, I'm sure we'll see it bathed in a fine aqueous mist.

Everyone wants to be the captain till captain stuff to do

Strength & Balance Is On Another Level!

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