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Andre The Giant's disease that ended his life.

Ashenkase says...

We both knew who we were looking at when we were about 50 meters away, it was hard to miss the man, he was immense and even more "immenser" to a 10 year old. I think my sister got more of a kick out of Curious George and his green tongue.

We where walking out of the prop plane area and about to cross a checkpoint into the bigger part of the airport to grab our bags. Andre was chatting with the security guards.

Both of us were stand-offish at first but he caught our eye and extended a brief greeting, I had the sense that he and Curious George were about to catch a flight as he was wrapping up his conversation.

Can't forget that voice either, so deep but very calm and kind.

He immediately became my favourite wrestler from then on, even through the Hulk Hogan era.

ant said:

Ah, you guys went without adults. What did your sister say about him? Did she even know who he was? Export your memories!

Andre The Giant's disease that ended his life.

Ashenkase says...

My sister (9) and me (10) just got off a flight, cameras were not gifted to kids back then, unless you were a photo geek. The best picture I have of it remains in my memory... like all best pictures should.

ant said:

No one else had a camera with you?

Andre The Giant's disease that ended his life.

Andre The Giant's disease that ended his life.

Ashenkase says...

When I was 10 I got to meet him very briefly at the Dorval Airport in Montreal. Picture an airport hallway, they are very big to accommodate all the people. Now imagine a man taking up the better part of said hallway. It was awe-inspiring to have shook his hand. Also George the Animal Steel was there and he stuck out his green tongue at my sister and I.

What's in Lichen? How Scientists Got It Wrong for 150 Years

TIE Fighter Intro

channel 4 trainwreck interview with jordan peterson

Ashenkase says...

"Let me just get this straight, your saying that we should organize our society along the lines of the lobster"

NOPE, NOPE, I can't do it anymore... I stuck it out until 27:13 but that moronic question puts it over the top.

So let me get this straight Mrs. Interviewer, you have no concept of the scientific method and just want to push your ideals and emotions on this guy (write or wrong that he may be)?

I should have just watched the fireplace channel for half an hour... I certainly would have come out smarter after this show of abysmal "journalism".

Virgin Atlantic: Flying with kids!

Snow Surfing (no bindings)

Ashenkase says...

I saw this on Digg and did a complete double take at the end of his run when he stepped off the board. Had to rewatch the entire video knowing he wasn't strapped onto the board.

I snowboard and the glades are my favourite runs. On a cloud through the trees.

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Star Wars with Cats

Star Citizen 3.0 - First Hour in - 4K Ultra Widescreen

How to get a baby to sleep in one minute with a face massage

What Bill Clinton Wants You To Know About Opioids

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