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Swiss recreate Canadian Beer Opening Technique

Xi Jinping: Last Week Tonight

Thanks, Dad, no pressure at all

Marc Daniels Joins In On His Daughter's Dance

John Oliver - Stupid Watergate II

Abstinence-Only Education Makes No Sense


Ashenkase says...

I am going to get you with this knife kick! oops... missed... wait, wait... let me try again... Now I am going to get you with this knife kick! opps.. hold on, hold on, last time... just stay still for me now...

Pain right above your heels ? You should know this

Brompton Folding Bike/Folding Boat Commuting

Terry Crews: "My father hit my mom in the face..."

John Oliver - Guardianship

Neal Brennan - White People Can't Relax

Aerospike Engines - Why Aren't We Using them Now?

Ashenkase says...

I followed the X-33 back in the late 90's and as mentioned in the video it was the composite tanks that sunk the ship. They kept cracking and it resulted in the overruns that tanked the project. It would be very interesting to build an X-33 type vehicle today with the knowledge and practical experience we have building and flying composite tanks.

The Canadian Way To Remove Bears From Yard

Beer Snakes

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