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17yr old student pilot first solo, loses a wheel on takeoff

17yr old student pilot first solo, loses a wheel on takeoff

Ashenkase says...

Bet they had to air out that cockpit after landing. Seriously though, she kept flying and followed the instructions to a 'T'. Most things in her life will seem easy compared to this scenario.

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Snoring Fox

Historically Bizarre US Open 2018 Highlights

Ashenkase says...

So what.. it was just one point... even if it was an unfair call. Unfair calls happen all the time... suck it up buttercup.

But noooo, not with this one... she lost her shit repeatedly and pushed her luck past the pale.

It was a pathetic display of entitlement.

newtboy said:

He gave her a point penalty for something it seems every other coach in the tournament had done without receiving so much as a warning, coaching from the stands, then gave her a full game penalty for being upset about it with less vitriol than others (men) who did not get penalized at all by the same judge for the same thing, telling him he will never judge another match they play.
Together that looks pretty biased against her.

Just fishing

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