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OK, I'm just requesting some clarification here. In the old days, a few months ago, postings were unlimited. Then for multiple reasons the rules were changed to 2 posts per person per 24 hours. Now it seems it is 3 posts per person per 24. However, I often notice that although more than 24 hours have passed since I posted my second- or third-to-last video, I still cannot post a new one.

I've been trying to figure out if there is some other pattern time restriction, but I can't figure it out. Here's my current example:
my last three posts were -

18 hours ago
18 hours and 10 minutes ago
1 day 21 hours ago

and I still get the message that posts are limited to 3 within 24 hours, and am not able to post. Am I missing something? Or is this more of a tech glitch?

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