Weekly Achievements for 10Jan21 thru 16Jan21

#1 Video

LegalEagle: American Insurrection at The Capitol by ant

When your city hasn't seen snow for over a decade by eric3579

Plane taking off in traffic in Alaska by C-note

Karma Is A Bitch For Lindsey Grahm by newtboy

Interview With The Man Who Stormed The Capitol by eric3579

Enormous Avalanche in Nepal brings a mighty wind by eric3579

Donald J. Trump is a genius by makach

Horse gets all Dukes of Hazard by eric3579

Top 15 Videos

Instant Karma by w1ndex reached #2
Pilot Threatens To Land Flight Of Trump Supporters In Kansas by Mordhaus reached #2
Incitement: Is the President Guilty of Inciting the Riot? by blacklotus90 reached #2
Dubstep | Skrillex e Damian Marley - Make it dun dem by simonm reached #2
A Nice Southern Lady Greets You by w1ndex reached #2
SEDITION! - A Randy Rainbow Parody by C-note reached #2
Package Thief Has A Rough Time Trying To Leave by eric3579 reached #2
The wave of a lifetime at Mavericks by SFOGuy reached #3
Lawyer trying to defend man who took Speaker's lectern by Mordhaus reached #3
Fantastic drone footage of the great outdoors by eric3579 reached #3
Josh Hawley Is A Lying Crybaby by newtboy reached #3
Humans Pulling a Truck Out of a Steep Gorge by eric3579 reached #3
Seth Meyers Calls For Trump's Removal ... by ant reached #3
There is going to be a wave of PTSD after this by SFOGuy reached #4
Lawyers Can Remain Silent, Too by oblio70 reached #4
Starlings in a murmuration over San Rafael CA by SFOGuy reached #5
Biker Falls Into Cactus Bush by C-note reached #5
Death Metal Dog by newtboy reached #5
Xavier Varnus plays Toccata & Fugeue in the Berliner Dom by Ashenkase reached #5
House Democrats Move to Impeach Trump for Insurrection by simonm reached #5
2020 Knockout of the Year Nominees by Mordhaus reached #5
Hungover Girl Realizes She Lost Tooth by Mordhaus reached #5
After Second Impeachment, Trump Begins Moving Out by simonm reached #7
Cleaning snow off a roof in Japan by oritteropo reached #7
Trump Defends Sedition Speech, Support for Impeachment Grows by simonm reached #8
LegalEagle: Can Trump Pardon the Rioters? by ant reached #9
The Tiny Doors in the U.S. Capitol by oritteropo reached #9
Train Hilariously Blocks View Of Hogwarts Express by BSR reached #11
Sounds inside a nuclear power plant cooling tower. by BSR reached #12
Troll Bridge - a Discworld Fan Film by Zawash reached #13
Bobs Burgers | Tina's the worst kind of Autistic by eric3579 reached #13

Top Comments

CITATION FUCKING NEEDED BOB I get it, you and your... by moonsammy (7 votes)
I never thought I'd love the No-Fly list until this... by StukaFox (6 votes)
This comment has been debunked. by BSR (5 votes)
They got knocked the f*#k out! Really I expected... by newtboy (4 votes)
I'm autistic, so, yeah lol. by w1ndex (4 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Donald J. Trump is a genius by makach (26 votes)
Plane taking off in traffic in Alaska by C-note (26 votes)
Horse gets all Dukes of Hazard by eric3579 (25 votes)
Instant Karma by w1ndex (24 votes)
When your city hasn't seen snow for over a decade by eric3579 (23 votes)

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