House of the Undying scene in GoT S01E10 - disappointing

The House of the Undying chapter in the book, Clash of Kings is extremely creepy.  In the series? Not so much.  In defense of the producers, it probably would have required the budget of the entire second season to faithfully recreate the scene, but still, I was hoping to see this horrific chapter come to life- especially considering they saved it for the last episode. 

Anyway, here is summary of the chapter for anyone who cares:

  Dany goes to the House of the Undying seeking wisdom at about the halfway point in the book with dragons in tow (not captured).  When she arrives, it is a small dilapidated shack overgrown with brush.  Her entourage (whom remain alive in the book) urge her not to go, but of course she goes anyway. She is instructed that as she travels through the house, that she must travel alone and always choose the right-most door.  Before she can enter, she must drink a disgusting draught served by a tiny little man that stood about knee high on her.  

 So she enters with Drogon and takes the right door in several identical looking rooms.  The rooms begin to look stranger and stranger, but she continues to go to the right.  Eventually she enters a long room with only doors on the left and many torches on the right wall.  As she peers into some of the open doorways, she sees creepy stuff, like dwarves raping a woman and corpses feasting on food in a great hall.  Eventually a huge golden door opens for her, but it's not on the right.  Then the torches start to go out one by one, and at the last second she goes throught the last door on the left.

 Here she encounters the creepy old guy who says she is going the wrong way.  He tells her he will lead her to safety, but she instead chooses the right door. As she enters, the old guy morphs into some kind of wormlike slug and disintigrates.  She continues on through more rooms and eventually enters a great hall full of people.  They tell her she has passed the test and will now learn all of the secrets of dragons and her ancestors, but little Drogon flies to the door on the right and nudges it instructively. She figures out this is just another trick and continues on.

 On she goes through a few more rooms until she reaches a dusty room full of corpse-like figures who seem to be alive despite not breathing or moving.  There is also a corrupt pulsating heart hovering high above her in the air, giving off feint bursts of darkish indigo light. They impart some wisdom that she will be betrayed several times for several reasons. Then she hallucinates images of many of the people in her life who have died.  Then the hallucinations start to grab at her.  Drogon, in a panic, begins to furiously flap his wings, which awakens her from her hallucination to find that the corpses are fondling, licking, biting and attempting to eat her alive.  Drogon flies up to the pulsating heart and destroys it with fire and claws, which causes the corpse people and room to go up in flames.  

 The magic is dispeled and she bursts out the single door in the room which leads directly outside.  The creepy old guy is furious that she burned the house and killed the undying and he tries to stab her, but her entorage beats the crap out of him. 

  Oh well.


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