Canberra - a few lists

We've moved more times in the last 10 years than I'm comfortable admitting. We've been in Brisbane for the last few years - but we're about to make a big move to Australia's capital city, Canberra.

I've been flying down every week from August since I started my new day job and my contract says that I'll move there full time by the end of the year, so off we go.

Canberra seems to be a very polarising place. When you tell people you are moving there, sometimes they scrunch up their nose and ask "why?" The complaints are as follows in descending order of importance:
1. Boring
2. Full of public servants
3. Hot/cold
4. No beach

But, for the people who live there by choice - I've heard it described as "Australia's best kept secret". I would have to agree. Nobody wants to live in Canberra, thank goodness. This means:
1. Great jobs are plentiful (I've got one)
2. Traffic is minimal
3. People are there because they love it (generally)

I don't really live there yet, but here's what I think I like about the city:
1. It's a planned city - all clover leaves and roundabouts, no traffic jams
2. The architecture is starkly beautiful - think modern lowrise futuristic - Gattaca.
3. People there seem to be generally nice and accepting
4. It's international - we had the Queen of England and Obama there in a 3 week span. I work with a melting pot of people from all over.
5. It's called "the bush capital" - and has a feel like that. Surrounded by mountains and greenery - it's not a huge town.
6. This will sound elitist but I'm also glad that the CUB* level seems to be pretty low. (too many broken beer bottles on the sidewalk at 3 AM in Brissie)

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