2010 "Super Tuesday" Senate Primary Results

Rand Paul (Tea Party) defeats Trey Grayson (Establishment Republican) for Republican nomination for KY-Sen

Joe Sestak (Netroots) defeats Arlen Specter (Former Republican, Establishment Democrat) for Democratic nomination for PA-Sen

Jack Conway (Netroots) defeats Dan Mongiardo (Establishment Democrat) for Democratic nomination for KY-Sen

Mark Critz (D) defeats Tim Burns (R) in PA-12 special election (not a Primary, this is Democrats winning a House election)

And in Arkansas, Blanche Lincoln (Corporatist Democrat) and Bill Halter (Netroots) are going to have a runoff.

That's a perfect sweep from where I sit.  The less electable Republican won his primary (I'm talking about you, Rand Paul), the more electable progressives won their nominations in KY and PA, the Democrat handily defeated the Republican in the special election (defending Jack Murtha's seat in a swing district), and the 3-way primary race in Arkansas will go to run off, and assuming Halter picks up the stray anti-Lincoln voters, he'll be able to rid us of Blanche Lincoln's traitorous ass.

In all, a good night.

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