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When Tax Cuts Failed

transmorpher says...

A trickle would be nice, seems like everyone got pissed on instead.

Tax cuts need to be designed so that they only apply to businesses when they employ more people.... this helps people, and it also helps the state/country, since more people working = more tax collected (in total) and all those schools are able to be funded properly - look at Sweden, a teacher is paid a massive wage, and educated people innovate and make even more money for the state thru taxes. It needs a fine balance, like gardening.

Some laws that help weed out clear corporate meddling in government policies would be nice too. Lobby groups, kickbacks etc. Completely screwed up imo.

Orcas playing with swimmer at Hahei Beach, New Zealand

transmorpher says...

If you love marine animals be vegan. Animal agriculture is the #1 most destructive force on the planet.....

You aren't just killing a chicken when you eat them, the chain of consequences has far more reach which is why the UN is advising people to stop eating animals. We are effectively replacing the environment's massive biodiversity with 3 types of farm animals. We'll be lucky to make it to the 22nd century:

Wrap your lips around a vegan "beef" patty. They are winning awards these days, so no excuses :-)

Christmas Time in California Sucks

trumpet meme

Tortoise thinks it's a dog.

2.0 - movie trailer

The Economist | How could veganism change the world?

Here’s What Happened When Prisoners Started Vaping (HBO)

transmorpher says...

Cry me a river.

I couldn't care less if the guy that just stole my car stereo has a hard time in jail.

IMO minor crime should be treated like baseball. You get 3 strikes and then you're out. If you're not stealing for food you're a selfish scumbag and society would be far better off without you.

(and of course violent crime has no place in modern society at all, and I know there's cases which aren't black and white, but many cases are, video evidence and everything, if we at least got rid of the people who without a doubt violently assaulted someone, then we'd be better off...

You only have to watch a few videos on the Active Self Protection channel to see how many people are just straight up scum, and it's little wonder the police in the US are trigger happy - there's piles of videos where people just straight out fire at the police when asked to show their license)


Deer Park - Nara Japan 奈良鹿公園

Alexander Skarsgård deals with a rapist - Hold the Dark

transmorpher says...

Um.... given the location, the rape victim will now be trialed for murder..... She'll probably get stoned to death by her own brother or father.

There's no such thing as #meToo in those parts of the world.

Why Do Flat Earth Believers Still Exist?

Horizontal Backflip Record

Big Dog, Small Horse

Why Do Flat Earth Believers Still Exist?

transmorpher says...

Way too advanced for idiot flat earthers.

All you need to know that is that we have footage of the earth ROTATING on it's axis.

(And anyone can send their own camera high enough to watch the earth rotate)

Also the navy park their ships under the horizon (about 40 miles away from a target) so that there is no line of sight. Since their guns shoot in an arc, you don't need line of sight, so might as well keep the ship invisible.

Golden Axe / Rambo -- Listen! Sound familiar?

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