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Real flamethrower vs. “Not a Flamethrower” by Elon Musk

Who steals a cheese grater?

transmorpher says...

The thief was just doing him a favor. Nobody should eat cheese. The stuff kills you. From heart-disease, erectile dysfunction to various cancers.

From Galleries to Storage and Back: Islamic Carpet Rotations

Is Our Food Becoming Less Nutritious?

transmorpher says...

This guy needs to read Proteinaholic by Dr. Garth Davis instead of getting his science from the CSIRO which has lost most of it's government funding and is now industry funded and coincidentally publishing protein fears and promoting animal product consumption quite heavily.....

Who would have thought bad things would happen to science when the Prime Minister of Australia is a Hillsong Christian nutbag.

Stubborn Husky refuses to give up front seat

Distracted at precisely the wrong time

In Russia they don't get freaked out when plane is on fire

We Fired a Civil War Mortar at a Caravan|Featuring Tom Scott

Saturation Diving- You're in a different world

transmorpher says...

28 days in that tiny room with 3 other people yikes!

Oh and then you have to work under water where you can't see in between all of that.

That was seriously something.

I guess we'll definitely have candidates for Asteroid mining, since that will be quite a bit more luxurious in comparison.

DC-3 Bush Air Cargo Alaska

transmorpher jokingly says...

Wow didn't know Lord was such a good pilot, on top of being a musician. She's done a lot for a young person, no wonder all these people are so happy to cheer her on.

Why we need a new education system

transmorpher says...

Indeed, criticism is easy.

I'm personally a huge fan of the Khan Academy's method. That and also paying the teachers a massive salary.

That will of course never happen, because the rich people in charge are stupid, and they also want the general public to be stupid so that they can easily gain their votes.

Anyway, seems like the next generation of workers will all be robots, so perhaps we should all be learning how to run for our lives. ;-)

noims said:

While I agree with everything he says, he's pointing out a lot of problems without giving solutions.

To improve a system you need to introduce a better method, and ideally a way to transition to it; it's not enough to point out problems with the current one. I'm not saying it's not valuable to point out problems, I'm just saying it's not enough.

Why we need a new education system

Captain Disillusion: Escherian Stairwell Deconstruction

Doctors Urge Americans: GO VEGAN!

transmorpher says...

Well of course - part of "responsible medicine" is not to use vivisection just because it's cheaper - especially when the results aren't as good as using computer models, lab work and training dummies or actual human cadavers - since they're not training doctors to be vets.

I suspect that person is a new vegan, hence the passion, but surely you're not for unnecessary animal suffering? Let alone if it's going to make your doctor less capable when it's your turn to be treated.

Regardless you can't take a random comment and decide that it's a spokes person for the PCRM. That to me suggests you're looking for reasons to dismiss the good advice, that benefits you and the greater world.

eric3579 said:

Really? That's what you're going with as a response? ....You're adorable.

At least in your outrage you are an honest representation of what the PCRM is really about.

Really bored at work.

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