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Fully Immersive Mechwarrior Cockpit Simulator Setup!

Car wreck launches car through the air

pho3n1x says...

>> ^bamdrew:

eeek, check out the passenger side of the front windshield... possibly someone wearing a white shirt launched forward from the backseat

look closer, i think that's actually the driver...

but hell, why wear a seatbelt if you're just going to be running red lights willy-nilly...

Longest Frisbee Throw Ever

pho3n1x says...

I live in Colorado Springs, so ever since I first got an Aerobie, I've wanted to throw it off Pikes Peak just to see how far it would go... I shall live vicariously through this gentleman...

For now...

18 Things You Should Know About Genetics

Highest Resolution Image of Earth Yet

Don't Drive Slow in the Fast Lane

Neil Degrasse Tyson answers a 2nd grader's amazing question

pho3n1x says...

I don't understand the hate for Neil's making science accessible to everyone. No one had this kind of attitude towards Mr. Wizard or Bill Nye...

I respect the ability of a person to re-explain something in a way that is interesting and motivating for people of any age to enter any science field. I fear for our country and its lack of education geared towards higher math and sciences.

Never Drive In Russia

Face to Face with "Weird Al" Yankovic

Kate Micucci Knows Exactly What Her Last Name Sounds Like

Kate Micucci Knows Exactly What Her Last Name Sounds Like

Backflipping: Backflips in unexpected locations.

If Google had been invented in the 80s

World Record 100 Tesla Magnetic Field Created -w/eerie sound

pho3n1x says...

>> ^gwiz665:

So, what can you use this for now?

A 100 Tesla non-destructive magnet has a major effect on a wide range of science. It's a one-of-a-kind tool for studying the fundamental properties of materials, from metals and superconductors, to semiconductors and insulators.

A Unique use for soapstone

pho3n1x says...

For what it's worth I have some of these and they work pretty well. I generally drank my spirits at room temperature anyway, because icing a drink can inhibit the flavor. These stones give you a nice little chill to make the alcohol burn less, but doesn't change the flavor much compared to room temp.

I hear you can also run these stones under water and microwave them to keep drinks warm, but I haven't tried that yet.
Besides, the added volume of the stones mean I would get that much less coffee. heh

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