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Why Trump and Clinton share exact same address

petpeeved says...

Instead of insulting people who might not be as knowledgeable as you on the issue, why not educate us on how RT is misleading us on this topic?

Fausticle said:

Anyone who listens to RT about tax dodging is a complete moron. RT is owned by RIA Novosti and run by oligarchs who have been siphoning billions out of Russia over the last 20 years.

What's next? Al Jazeera giving the west tips on how to better treat women?

Three Teen Girls Drowned as Cops Stand By and Do Nothing

Idiot Drives Civic Into River, Rescued By Reporter

Kitty Has Had Enough of Your Sh*t

petpeeved says...

Poor cat.

Based on its incredible restraint and limited retaliation, I imagine it might be thinking that it is living with a bunch of bears and that it knows actually hurting one of the cubs could be very bad for its future.


A Message To California From Moby

petpeeved says...

Eating beef is the nutritional equivalent of driving a super-stretch Hummer H2 in Friday L.A. gridlock traffic compared to other sources of calories.

slickhead said:

How much beef in a quarter pounder comes from Cali?
How much water does the nutritionally equivalent amount of veggie require? This can't be measured pound for pound and veggies and grains are not as nutrient dense as meat. I have a feeling if an honest look was done at the math, Moby might end up missing a shower.

Shia is on the balcony again

CEO cut's salary so he can raise workers pay to 70,000/yr

petpeeved says...

Shocking that one of the leading mouthpieces and corporate apologists for the diseased form of capitalism that is capsizing the former republic of the United States of America would be predicting that 'market forces' will maintain an environment where CEOs such as Dan Price, who are confused as to which side of the class war they are on, will be strongly discouraged from closing the historical chasm of income disparity with their workers via a complex and myriad assortment of carefully implemented internal structures, that have been embedded over several decades starting with Reagan, and will serve to doom any business to failure for not prizing profit, and the unequal distribution of profit, over all other considerations such as income parity.

The most interesting aspect of this experiment isn't whether it succeeds or fails in the long run but rather that it will someday be used as a prime example by people like Chris Hedges who argue that the form of crony capitalism plaguing the West cannot and should not be reformed but rather destroyed and replaced with a system that doesn't have as its main aim the impoverishment of workers for the sole benefit of an oligarchical aristocratic elite.

lantern53 said:

from Forbes:

Unfortunately, this well-intended gesture is likely to either end badly or just end quietly. It will end badly if the company enacts the program as written, as Gravity is likely to experience reduced investor interest due to unusually high labor costs. A growing company with a $70,000 entry-level wage for every employee will be a difficult sell in the capital markets.

More likely, the plan will end quietly. As investors weigh in and influence company policy, the $70,000 minimum wage is likely to be drastically modified and adjusted. Conditions are likely to be placed on earning the $70,000 minimum, and industry standard wages will be subsidized with bonuses and other cash incentives to maintain the appearance of a $70,000 minimum wage. People unable or unwilling to commit to a bonus-based or incentive-based system will not select themselves for employment at Gravity. Within three years, Gravity’s pay structure will probably revert to industry standards, and Price’s minimum wage will be seen as a well-intended, but economically naïve, compensation plan.

Swedish cops show NYPD how to subdue people w/ hurting them

petpeeved says...

There are approximately 343,423,668,428,484,681,262 gallons of water in the ocean. The BP Deepwater Horizon dumped around 210,000,000 million of gallons of oil into the Gulf.

Insignificant? Acceptable? You do the math.

lantern53 said:

Oh, I'm sure Asmo is right...the police in the US are taught to kill people at every opportunity.

I suppose that makes for a big fail since the cops in the US are so inept at killing people. Out of 12 million arrests, 593 people killed by cops in 2014 with about 1/4 of those being black people. But because you can't turn on MSNBC w/o a rehash of Michael Brown or Eric Garner, people think this happens every 6 seconds on the street.

Someone do the math, because I suck at math, what percent is 593 of 12 million?

Sadistic cop keeps tazering unresponsive man

petpeeved says...

From a 2010 article on the Rapid City Journal titled "Two square off for county coroner", Rebecca Sotherland engages in a little self-analysis to woo voters:

"SOTHERLAND – I am a South Dakota Certified Law Enforcement Officer trained in death investigation, with specialized Coroner training. In the two years that I have been your County Coroner, my compassion for those in my community has grown exponentially. I have included a few of my duties so you can make an informed decision about who is best suited for the job as your County Coroner. I would appreciate your vote on November 6!"

She won.

▶ Divorce Corp.

petpeeved says...

Some of the more disturbing aspects to divorce court:

1)No right to trial by jury and no right to representation by a court appointed lawyer if you cannot afford a private attorney. Your fate is solely in the hands of one judge.

2)Lawyers are essentially completely immune from prosecution for fraud, libel, defamation, excessive litigation and more.

3)Family courts are not courts of law but rather courts of equity. This amplifies the risk and damage that a corrupt judge can do to you exponentially by giving that judge virtually unlimited power to interpret the law according to his or her opinion as to what is 'right' as opposed to what might be actually written in the law.

Kafka's The Trial pales in comparison to the reality of modern day family court.

If this is American teacher education, we're all doomed...

I Am a Ukrainian

petpeeved says...

I've noticed a predictable yet still disheartening trend in the comment threads of many videos covering the Ukraine uprising: anti-Occupy Wall Streeters pointing to the relative pacifist nature of the Occupy movement as proof of that movement's insincerity and ineffectiveness.

What the anti-Occupy folks need to understand is that the only thing separating America from the Ukraine is that a weak ember of faith that the system can still be reformed with non-violent tactics still smolders in the hearts of the have-nots and will-never-haves.

They should be celebrating and thanking their gods for the non-violent nature of Occupy yet they mock and draw erroneous conclusions that have the potential to produce a hell on earth that until today, only happens on their televisions in distant lands.

chingalera said:

Coming soon to a city or country near you. Better get yer boots and gloves on. OH, and ditch those tinfoil hats....

Vampire Weekend Vs MIA - A Punk/Paper Planes

petpeeved says...

The reason the original Paper Planes was so compelling to me was the mix of menace and innocence. This seems to remove all the menace.

Interesting result but at least to my ears it's a Musak version of a great song.

The Wire creator David Simon on "America as a Horror Show"

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