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It's not a sailboat, you dumb bastard

moonsammy says...

Love me some Mallrats! Pretty sure this was my introduction to Ben Affleck, as the dickhead from Fashionable Male. Seeing Stan Lee reading the Mallrats script on a train(?) in Captain Marvel was an excellent moment.

How much money does Jaden have?

moonsammy says...

Eh, people who are quick witted tend to be smart in general. I think he's probably good.

WmGn said:

I see this and worry.

Yes, it's funny and, yes, it's important to have a sense of humor. I'd still feel more comfortable about his options as he grows into a young adult if he first nailed the math, and then made the joke.

Larry David calls out bald man study

moonsammy says...

Absolutely. It looks indecisive. I cut my very long hair down to a reasonable length very recently, in part because I could see the top of my head is starting to thin a bit, and I don't want to be one of those guys, with the ponytail but little up top. Bald with shaggy sides isn't any better.

newtboy said:

Now 1/2 bald like Larry, he’s right. They are seen as less attractive, confident, and dominant….and not just by ladies. Pick a lane!

'Cowboy Bebop' teaser lookin' very Scott Pilgrim-esque

moonsammy says...

That's a mess, but I'll still give the actual show a try. I assume it won't involve any of the cutesy "playing with framing" that this teaser uses.

It concerns me that Spike didn't have a cigarette anywhere in this video though.

Local Car Commercials Update Web Exclusive

Godzilla Vs Gamera (fan film)

THE FLASH Trailer (2022)

Car Hauler Vs Amtrak train

moonsammy says...

Happened Friday in Oklahoma. For anyone curious:

The driver and his dog were "shaken up" but uninjured in the collision, the sheriff's office said. Five people on board the train were transported to two area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, the sheriff said.

Perfect metaphor for how, some people are treating COVID

Man Who Shot At Police In Self Defense Is Acquitted

moonsammy says...

In about 3 weeks the people of Minneapolis get to vote these fuckers out - ALL of these fuckers. I really hope they do, and that Mpls becomes the first major American city to fully defund / replace the police. I'm sure a handful will be retained or rehired, as we do still need some armed cops, but I'm thinking 90+% of calls can go to someone who isn't packing heat, roided out, and pumped full of "warrior" training.

I saw this footage when it was released last week, and it's both horrifying and unsurprising. I watched some of the live streaming during the protests / riots here and it fits right in with what I saw them doing elsewhere during that period.

True Facts: The Mosquito

Dune (1984/2000/2020) side-by-side comparison

Why Did we make Front Yard Businesses Illegal?

moonsammy says...

Grassy yards are dumb as hell, and can fuck off. Parks work well if you need a large, grassy space (and it isn't unreasonable to maintain something like that, ecologically). We don't *each* need to have a tiny park in front of our house. I'm all about native plants, and/or permeable pavers. This "business in the front" is an idea I'm all about as well - hell yeah walkable shops!

Nancy Cartwright does her 7 Simpsons characters in under 40

The Fascinating Physics of Bowling

moonsammy says...

It really is a solid video. Even as a fan of Veritasium I wasn't expecting to watch the whole thing ("a half hour about frickin' bowling?!"), but sure enough...

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