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The Ten Commandments golden calf

moonsammy jokingly says...

The Calf successfully runs for a 2nd term?

Great, now I'm going to have to look this obscure movie up to find out. Maybe there's some sort of Cliffs Notes online that'll just tell me the plot...?

makach said:

well, that's not enough context unless you somehow know what will happen next.

Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


moonsammy says...

Isolated to just this bit of work, it's funny to hear him sighing the few times he does, given that it looks like fun.

"<SIGH> Here I am, just shoot-chopping my way through another car. Ho-hum."

The Bachelor but with monkeys

moonsammy says...

Quite a lot of them, yeah. They don't all tickle me like this one though, I've probably watched it a half dozen times now.

"Hold" remains my favorite though.

w1ndex said:

I had a feeling this would get sifted, a good video, probably could sift all of his Joel's videos they're all pretty funny.

Legend of Beavis

EPIC Canyon Mini Jet Boating - New Zealand

Larnell Lewis Hears "Enter Sandman" For The First Time

Daft Punk - Epilogue

moonsammy says...

My first exposure to Daft Punk was in 1997. Hanging out before concerts at First Avenue in Minneapolis, they'd always play weird videos and music pre-show. I was immediately intrigued by the video for Around the World, and was a fan of the group from that point on. I'm happy for them, they've had a wildly successful run, without falling prey to their own celebrity. Absolute legends.

Getting the most out of factory downtime

moonsammy says...

I actually thought it might be some weird parody - I'm bad with faces and the thumbnail looked like Maya Rudolph. Realized immediately it was... not what I'd hoped for.

Now, you give me an instructional video on Rockwell Automation's Retro Encabulator, I'm fuckin' riveted.

newtboy said:

While I’m sure everyone is excited to delve into the intricacies of refinery maintenance logistics, why do I feel like some upvotes are more about the presenter than the presentation?

NASA's Perseverance Rover's Descent and Touchdown on Mars

Plane Engine Catches Fire Over Colorado, Drops Huge Parts..

electric bill has soared after the winter storm in texas

Channel exposing pedophiles has been deleted permanently

Icicles Form on Ceiling Fan Amid Freezing Temperatures Texas

moonsammy says...

So many houses are going to be total losses. With any luck insurance will cover most, but my guess is there are going to be a TON of individuals left holding the bag.

Well-dressed Alien Sings Bill Withers On An Industrial Tube

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