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Twin babies can't stop belly-laughing at their dog...

Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

moonsammy says...

Good for them! I love that the people in charge of his legacy seem to care so much about keeping it "pure" to the degree they're able. I'm certain a ton of these will be on sale eventually, but for now I'm happy they exist entirely outside the world of art collecting.

Missing Cat Special (a YouTube playlist)

moonsammy says...

Nothing loads on my end. Chrome asked to enable Flash for this site, but after that I can't get anything to show up. So if this was a playlist, they may not work on VS...

What is the Second Civil War

moonsammy says...

God damned theocratic psychopaths, charlatan hucksters, and their enablers. I'll upvote it here and thumbs down at the source, because people should see that this offal is being pumped into the minds of true believers. They're scared and brimming with righteous ignorance.

Chinese magician performs world’s best magic trick

moonsammy says...

Look at the rectangles' middles (across the wide dimension) when they're on the table - you can see a fold in the table fabric. I assume there are hidden wires connected which can make the flap open or close extremely quickly.

lucky760 said:

And how did the rectangles just appear on the table across from him?

And the card get cut into a sliver by being passed over by the tape?

I'd have thunk it some of that mystical ultimate black material like Shin Lim uses, but you can see the felt surface of the table.

THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON Official Trailer (2019)

moonsammy says...

(Disclaimer: this looks good, I'll probably see it, and I'm sure the actor is a wonderful person and I wish him great success. Having said that...)

Didn't anyone ever tell that dude you never go full retard?

If Stranger Things was an 80s Anime

moonsammy says...

But... nothing in the 80s looked like that. Late 90s maybe. I suppose there were feature films that looked this good, but no tv shows of which I'm aware.

If it were 80s anime there would be a lot of static shots where only the mouths were moving. This full-body animation w/ moving scenery takes way too much work.

Airbus A400M pulls off loop

moonsammy says...

I really would've liked a zoomed-out perspective. Can't at all figure out what the plane is actually doing in 3 dimensions. Is it sort of a sideways loop?

The Box (2009) Official Trailer

Nanowar Of Steel - Norwegian Reggaeton


A next Oscars's winner ? // LOL ComediHa!

A Good Starting Point for Learning to Play the Shenanigan

Jim Says Christian Leaders Will Be Murdered If Trump Loses

moonsammy says...

You're good, it's just that the number of millions on Earth are into the thousands. Still technically millions. Just, you know, an awful lot of them.

BSR said:

And there are millions of them on earth.

A group of what

moonsammy says...

I'm pretty sure Joe had it right on that 2nd guess. I mean, come on. Dude's got a bit of an accent and was excited.

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