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Shadowed -- a short horror film from the director of Shazam

Half-Life Cat

Awesome new March records! - Guinness World Records

moonsammy says...

Ok, but the guy who did the backpack pull-ups was missing a leg. That... oh god. Oh no.

That seems to give him a leg up.

I swear I didn't intend that when I started the comment. But I have children and am male, so there are expectations to be met here.

Seriously though, if the guy who next breaks that record isn't missing any limbs I'll be surprised.

Hoarding An Entire Store's Toilet Paper Inventory

Woman Goes Off On Montana Cops who Walked in Her Home...

moonsammy says...

If the part before the video played out as she stated, she was 100% in the right. If the police received a call and had solid reason to suspect someone was in imminent danger, I think they'd have had legal cause to enter. The latter seems unlikely to me, personally.

Live mic, Donald

Black Mesa 1.0 Launch Trailer

moonsammy says...

I've been waiting for... a bit... for this to be done. Didn't really want to play it in an unfinished state, finally picked it up over the weekend. Only just got past the three-headed beast, so far I'm really enjoying it

David Byrne: Once in a Lifetime (Live) - SNL

What are the most devastating pandemics in human history?

moonsammy says...

Interesting info, but whoever produced the video made some really questionable editorial decisions. Commas separated values over 1000, except for periods used in #1. What's with the "big stuff" in the background? How do the heights of various buildings compared to things like mountains and the size of Halley's comet relate to these mortality figures?

Just... weird. Good video though, in spite of that

The Last Video Store | The World's Oldest Video Store

moonsammy says...

Not quite as old as Flicks, but Video Universe in Minnesota has been around for 34 years, and still rents out VHS. Delightfully grungy and carries a huge array of titles. Certainly the oldest / longest-running video store I've personally visited, or was aware of prior to watching this video.

Amazing Stories — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

moonsammy says...

I loved the original series as a kid, and this reboot looks promising. Not promising enough to invest in an Apple tv, but I'm sure it'll eventually be available in some other format...

Dance Monkey

Trump Gives Mitt Romney A Cool New Nickname

moonsammy says...

Had McCain lived, I'm guessing there would've been at least 3 votes to convict: Romney, McCain, and Graham (he was McCain's toady originally). They might've been able to drag Collins and/or Murkowski along, perhaps Alexander. Alas.

Stay In School, Kids...

moonsammy says...

I believe there are also uninformed ignoramuses. If you know nothing I don't think you can technically qualify as hypocritical.

newtboy said:

Are there any supporters of Trump left that aren't hypocritical ignoramuses?

The Stranglers - Golden Brown (TOTP 1982)

moonsammy says...

Almost certainly a mimed / lip synced performance, unfortunately. I really wish programs like this would've done actual live performances as the default, pretty sure audiences could've handled versions that sounded slightly unlike the album recordings.

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