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The True History of The Traveling Wilburys

moonsammy says...

I'm open to debate on the channels. Travel didn't really seem to fit in spite of their name, as the video has little to do with actual travel. Love seemed to fit, as this felt nothing like a commercial venture and more like a giant bromance.


Rudy Giuliani's hair dye drips down his face

Daddy told us not to be ashamed of our dicks

Flywheel Trebuchet

moonsammy says...

That's really cool! I can see how it wouldn't have been a good design back in the days of trebuchets as effective weaponry though, given how much more complicated the design is (and thus prone to failure). Might've had a niche use here and there had someone come up with it though.

Why Are There 7 Days In a Week?

moonsammy says...

Read the title, immediately thought "well, it would have to be the lunar cycle, wouldn't it?" Watched the video and... yeah, seems likely to be the lunar cycle. Some good bar trivia learnings to be had here though, I suspect!

Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While Eating Spicy Wings

moonsammy says...

This is seriously the best Hot Ones episode. I don't know how I managed to avoid upvoting this when it was first posted, but it's *quality. I was really only searching because I wanted to see if a related video had already been posted (it had not, and it is delightful).

Flushing 240lbs of liquid mercury

moonsammy says...

I really want to reach into mercury sometime. I bet that feels *bizarre*...

That ending line. Dude is certainly not in denial about the hazards here!

Officers Rescue Two Deer With Locked Antlers Using a Shotgun

Officers Rescue Two Deer With Locked Antlers Using a Shotgun


moonsammy says...

It seems, based on the trailer from three fucking years ago that there's either a 3rd video yet to be released or two very brief clips of President's Friend (Male) that didn't make the cut for the two final videos.

I'm confused as to why they sat on these for so long, as the trailer certainly makes it look like they were nearly done already.

What To Do if Your Side Loses the Election

moonsammy says...

The false equivalence is pretty far off the mark here. Republicans have clearly, in the plain light of day, been trying to reduce the number of people who could vote. Voter ID laws, limiting polling locations / ballot drop boxes, aggressive purging of voter rolls, etc etc etc. They know their ideas are unpopular, so limiting the number of voters tends to benefit them.

Whereas the Dems have been accused of... something? Creating fake votes or purposely losing others? It's all very vague and literally without proof. Trump supporters gathered outside election offices in one state chanting "Count the votes!" while an effectively identical group elsewhere chants "Stop the count!" makes it pretty clear they're just gunning for advantage. So far all the Dems I've heard on the topic say they just want all votes counted. I can't find fault with that notion.

Hexagons are the Bestagons | CGP Grey

moonsammy says...

My understanding is that bees actually use circles. It's just that the wax ends up warm and a bit flow-y, resulting in the circular tubes naturally warping into the efficient hexagon shape. The bees aren't making hexagons on purpose necessarily, nature just prefers the shape and is generally awesome.

Cellphone abuse in the classroom

Vox: The technology that’s replacing the green screen.

moonsammy says...

No, it isn't a green screen. I had thought it was discussed in the first video, but apparently it was actually mid-way through the 2nd one (@9:07, if the embed doesn't start at the right time):

kir_mokum said:

that's just a green screen.

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