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Everyone's lying about dice.

2020 Politics

moonsammy says...

Bob, can you define what you think "fake" means? I could see "attempted comedy" or "unfunny" but... wtf would "fake comedy" be?

Also, what fake news? They literally quoted Trump several times, showed an image of the Ukraine call transcript... what specific thing that was said or shown is "fake"?

bobknight33 said:

Fake comedy based on fake news

Shortest Landing!!! Severe Headwind! Aircraft.

Here Are Some Examples Of Asian Americans!

QAmom - Confronting my mom's conspiracy theories

moonsammy says...

I really wish he'd made a really generous final bet: pick the one thing you're *certain* will happen within the next X months. If it comes true, I give you this $700 back. If it doesn't, one month without your phone, and news only via printed newspapers (or something similar - maybe have Dad pick the media for a month).

How Road Barriers Stopped Killing Drivers

moonsammy says...

Interesting - thanks for sharing! Shame it didn't work out better, and I have to wonder if the outcome would be different now with the increased focus on fuel economy / climate change mitigation.

newtboy said:

The technical term is a rear crash attenuator.
I worked for a friend with a patent on foam cured carbon fiber manufacturing, using the heat and pressure of an expanding foam core to cure the carbon fiber without vacuum bagging or autoclaving....I helped with designing, and personally designed and built the molds, and built a number of test attenuators meant to replace the huge yellow plastic boxes on cal trans trucks. Basically an approximately 3x4x6' carbon fiber box with a dense foam core containing multiple tuned air chambers. We had to tune the chambers to stop vehicles at 60 mph without exceeding certain g forces. In the end, he lost the contract, but not because the device didn't work, I think it was too expensive, and my friend was not a great businessman. Ours was far lighter than the plastic versions, and was meant to pay for itself in fuel savings hauling it around.

The Watermelon Joke That Saved Me After I Got Pulled Over

moonsammy says...

The implication is her crotch had a very strong funk.

Khufu said:

PC issues aside, can someone explain to me why a vagina would keep flies off watermelon? Just trying to figure out why the cop was doubled over laughing.

How Road Barriers Stopped Killing Drivers

moonsammy says...

It was quick, but I'm pretty sure 11:56 answers a question I'd had for years, but never actually bothered to look up. Every so often I'd see a parked highway dept vehicle with a big, fairly flat object lowered to a horizontal position behind it. Barrier makes *way* more sense than any of the hypotheses I'd imagined.

Urine Crazed Goats Fly Home

moonsammy says...

I don't understand why they needed to do that with the animation at the very end. Is that a thing goats actually do, or were they just leaning into "let's make it clear to the people: these goats will fuck" ?

The Watermelon Joke That Saved Me After I Got Pulled Over

moonsammy says...

I don't believe "political correctness" is really a thing. Just a 90s buzzword made up by people who couldn't handle being called out as some form of bigot and/or asshole. It means the same damn thing as "cancel culture" for most of the usage either term sees these days, and generally just amounts to "I don't like consequences for my actions."

Jokes can still be dirty and offensive as hell, no problem. Just don't punch down / belittle people for no good reason, that shit's just mean-spirited.

drradon said:

Just so we have a little context... I heard that joke AT LEAST 50 years ago... before jokes were had to be both funny and PC...

David Lynch is annoyed by your question

moonsammy says...

Admittedly, I've never worked in film. But it does feel weird as hell to suggest making a scene shorter while on set like that. Isn't that what editing is for? Perhaps in the days of actual film it would have made some sense (as that shit was expensive), but not really now. Comes off much more as "I personally want to wrap this up, maybe fewer shots?" than "It would be somehow better for the movie to not do this thing"...

Not today motherfucker

Biker Speeds 160mph Before Crash Left Him Brain Damaged

moonsammy says...

I was going to make the same comment about the driver's brain pre-accident. I can sort of see the appeal of getting a bike up to speed, but at night, with cars around? Lunacy.

Pretty sure the gauge was in kph (based on the blurry dash and it having happened in Australia).

BSR said:

He was brain damaged BEFORE the crash.

265 mph fastest speed. 140 mph impact. Assuming the gauge is MPH.

Picking up the pieces is what I do if the family is lucky.

Traveling Downwind Faster Than Windspeed

moonsammy says...

Understood, but I feel there should be some sort of equivalent - something which could go under the aircraft to capture the forward movement / airflow under the craft, and convert that via chain drive to propellers on the top of the craft.

spawnflagger said:

but with this one, the propellor is attached via gears to the wheels, so I don't think it would work if the wheels left the ground.

Traveling Downwind Faster Than Windspeed

moonsammy says...

I'm now half convinced that a "faster than the wind" wind-based aircraft is theoretically possible. It would need to be made of absurdly strong & lightweight materials though.

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