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Fierce roaring zoo tiger meets its match

The myths and facts of Sweden

mefa says...

I should add: I'm Swedish as well, and I do not agree with what is being said here. I'm just posting it because I found it interesting to hear his viewpoints, even if they might be wrong.

How to calm a Norwegian baby

mefa says...

The reaction could be caused from the baby having a hearing disorder (which the parents might not know of yet). I know of a couple who's baby cried and screamed "all the time" when there wern't loud noices around it. Apparently the vibration from the low tones from music or whatever caused the baby to calm down.
I'm not saying it is so, I just give my thought of why the baby shuts it when they play loud music. =P

4 year old narrates a Starcraft game

Big breasted girl on The Dating Game likes showing them off!

Dumbest Creationist Question Award - 2010

Old Spice Guy Goes Down Under

C17 Air Drop: 4 Humvee's + 50 paratroopers

Pretty girl morphs into Jared Leto

Minecraft + Asperger's = Dear Sweet Jesus

QI - The Toblerone-Rolo-Combo!

Lindsay Lohan Sent to Jail for 90 days

mefa says...

>> ^curiousity:

It's too bad that she has lead such a sheltered life that she didn't realize that there are consequences that her money and mob fame can't overcome. Even though it may be tough for her, I hope that she is able to learn from the experience.
I initially wanted to write something else, but I'm trying hard to practice mudita these days. Although this isn't directly related, I'm also trying to avoid its antithesises.

Translation: TAKE THAT BIOTCH!

Azureus Rising - Kickass Proof Of Concept Trailer

Aggressive Maneuvers for Autonomous Quadrotor Flight

mefa says...

>> ^EDD:

>> ^2pornot2p:
>> ^LarsaruS:
All hail or new Autonomous Quadrotor Flight Overlords!

Someone posted the exact same comment on youtube, 9 hours after you. Is this a common reference to something I don't know about?

One word: Futurama. You've got around one month to catch up to the rest of us till they start showing it again.

You're wrong. It's from Simpsons. You're probably thinking about "All glory to the hypno toad." You might wanna rewatch Futurama until it airs again.

Edit: Uhm.. is the quote-thingie broken? I didn't edit any of the quote part, but it came out all wrong anyway.
Edit 2: Can't get it to look better than this.

Aggressive Maneuvers for Autonomous Quadrotor Flight

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