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2020 Politics

luxintenebris jokingly says...

"attempted comedy" = gutfeld!

'fake comedy' is one of 33's wonderful yogi berra-style self owns. fabulous trollster.

tho' don't know how repeating factual (or compilation of) quotes is worth repeating for comic effect? too close to actuality to be called parody, satire, or lampooning. it's just a recreation of events. already have enough video documentation to show the insanity of these believers of the non-believable. run those.

'fake news' is the GOP's version of Scientology's SPs. cults can't survive w/o some non-compliance from reality.

nazis looked to gas their victims, Bob's brethren prefer to gas-light theirs.

moonsammy said:

Bob, can you define what you think "fake" means? I could see "attempted comedy" or "unfunny" but... wtf would "fake comedy" be?

Also, what fake news? They literally quoted Trump several times, showed an image of the Ukraine call transcript... what specific thing that was said or shown is "fake"?

Valedictorian Gives Unapproved Speech on Abortion Rights

luxintenebris says...

* a h e m *

wisdom can be displayed at any age.

and age is a teacher...but not all pay attention.

there's a reason the phrases "from the mouth of babes" and "no fool like an old fool" will be passed on to the next generations. it is universally true.

even @18 or 19...or even matt gaetz girlfriend's age, 17...the demonstrative truth is SHE IS A VALEDICTORIAN and she has the sapience (you can look it up) to understand what she is condemning.*

am STILL unconfident that you believe what you're saying (it'd be an insult to both of us). have to be a wag of a satrist. no one is so subtly self-owning w/o some thread of chicanery showing.

just the juxtaposing of "well read" and "idiot" in the same sentence is A SCREAM!! man! that's good!

it's a Carlin skit. "jumbo shrimp"

makes me smile.

[if you're using newt as an example of a bad example, it's a bad example of a bad example. the low-hanging fruit here would be, it's unlikely bk33/tt ever had to worry about any unwanted pregnancy other than their own. doubt they've ever even stroked a petting zoo beaver.

* to be fair; its' Republican fly fodder. hardly 'gold star' level.

bobknight33 said:

She is 18 or 19.

Still dumb as adults go.

Newt your the dumb one also. To give a child such credence and pretending she is adult enough is foolish.

She is smart enough to say NO, This might fuck up my future.

This Electrician rigged his van to stop tool thieves

How Road Barriers Stopped Killing Drivers

luxintenebris says...

in Saudi they leave wreaks on the side of the road. or use to.

joking, yes...but just seeing a junkyard along particular bad stretches of the road might 'brighten' drivers? nothing like the feathers of death's wings stroking the forehead to induce serious contemplation.

spawnflagger said:

I just had an idea - instead of storing crashed cars in junkyards, use them as highway dividers. They are already tested for head-on collisions, and when someone crashes into it, can just leave the freshly-crashed car there as more filler (drain the fluids).

Urine Crazed Goats Fly Home

luxintenebris says...

maybe saw this here but worth a re-view...

StukaFox said:

They do that.

There's talk here in WA about re-introducing Grizzly Bears into North Cascades National Park and Olympic National Park, but the eastern Washington cattle associations get their tits in a wringer anytime this topic, or the similar one involving the re-introduction of wolves, comes up.

Incidentally, if you're ever in Winthrop, Twisp or Mazama and feel like getting your ass kicked, just tell a local you like wolves. Those fucking people...

Valedictorian Gives Unapproved Speech on Abortion Rights

Valedictorian Gives Unapproved Speech on Abortion Rights

luxintenebris says...

addressing the 🦜 🦜 comments;

how does a 'drug slogan' or being 'unthankfully deaf' solve anything? sanctimonious slobber.

-do they believe the GOP really gives a squirt? it's been long known, admitted, and used to get the base riled.
-did the orange menace use a condom when he was raw dogging a porn star?
-did gaetz when he ganged a 17 y.o.?

they have to know the answer. 💯 but will even admit to 51%?

it's like the joke of 'um' gow' wah'. Republican senator visits a foreign land. he gives a stirring speech and it's interpreted for the non-English speaking crowd. as he thunders his speech, rife w/conservative 'ideals', he stops at every 'pause for applause' section, in turn, the crowd erupts with "UM-GOW-WAH!" the senator leaves the stage, pleased that even the rabble of third-world-ers can appreciate the values of conservatism.

as he crosses to depart on a waiting helicopter, he has to walk through the natives' pastureland (the only space larger enough for the aircraft) the local ambassadors urge him to "be careful! don't step in the um' cow' wah'!

'live w/your decision' and 'advocating for murder'?


honestly. with big daddy and father allears, what's the point? gomers on a high horse, but they're riding it backward. both blind to what they are leaving on the trail.

Karma Comes for Traffic Line Cutters

luxintenebris says...

something folks don't talk about when discussing the dangerousness of being a police officer: carpal tunnel. man, that's a lot of tickets.

[at least one, silver p.u., cut back in. if the officer saw it, and made them pull over, would there be a second offense for unlawful merging?👮‍♂️ ]

David Lynch is annoyed by your question

How Road Barriers Stopped Killing Drivers

luxintenebris jokingly says...

carnage alley? take it that's a pseudonym? pictures refer it to as '401'.

otherwise, the measure would meet with great skepticism...

"safety rails? why! it won't be 'Carnage Alley' then!" (ala Crunchy Frog)

The sound of monkeys eating grapes

The Watermelon Joke That Saved Me After I Got Pulled Over

luxintenebris jokingly says...

moonsammy: great take. thumbs-up! crystalized my thoughts exactly!*

a couple of rules of comedy are 'know your audience' and [the joke] 'it has to be funny'. if there is no laugh, either you told it wrong, told it to the wrong person, or your wrong about it being funny. your audience is the final judge. not their duty to laff at your doody joke.

stukafox: okay [btw: the watermelon joke is very old] but not going w/the worst or nastiest, just with a few of old risqué ones.

novice is riding back to the convent w/the mother superior on their bicycles through the medieval section of the town. mother superior tells the novice "let's cut through this alleyway". the alley is long, rough and bumpy but the novice agrees. when they get back on the regular route the novice says, "that was new! I've never come that way before!" mother superior says, "it's the cobblestones."

a woman notices her neighbor's tomatoes are fully ripening while her's are still green. she asks him "how do you get your tomatoes to ripen so quickly?" he tells her, "I get up around dawn while I'm still in my bathrobe and open it and flash them. they get so embarrassed they turn red." women tells him she's going to try it but later in the evening. the next day, the neighbor sees the woman and asks "so? did it work?" the woman turns to tell him, "no. it didn't - but YOU SHOULD SEE MY CUCUMBERS!

an old woman was talking w/her younger friend. old woman tells her about some of the older woman in town. "oh! don't let them fool you! they were pretty wild in their day! " then she went on and listed all the men a trio of sisters went through and each tête à tête they had. the list was shockingly impressive enough that the younger woman said, "gee...maybe they couldn't help themselves...maybe they suffered from a hereditary disease?" the old woman cocks her head back and eyes the younger woman then says, "hereditary? hell! yes! it was! it was IN THEIR JEANS!!!"

*david letterman

Not today motherfucker

luxintenebris jokingly says...

was gonna say that sheep got the dog's goat or the sheep is buffaloing him but it'd be a baaah joke and ewe probably have herd enough of them today.

Perhaps the weakest link in the US electrical system

luxintenebris says...

wonder what the 'industry' thinks in this regard. also leery about how the 'Nannie state' believers would consider this: Nannie over nuthin' or nothing Nannie about unnecessary risks?

it is disturbing. just the tangle of extension cord thing shows how institutionalized this fear, or known risk, has been installed into the public. would reasonably assume this is traceable to having been taught in schools. echoed also in many ads, manuals, etc. although have difficulty understanding why putting inexpensive safeguards would be a bad thing?

but have always believed it's easier to change systems than people. am joining the Nanny crowd.

[also think BSR's advice is worth noting. maybe when the speaker starts in w/the technical jargon, a smaller window opens with a 'normal' person translating the message. i.e. "wire gets damn hot" or "could shock the crap outta yah". maybe not so perfectly clear, but succinct and truthful.]

VLDL: When you forget someone's name - Forgetting Names

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