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Trump’s Voter Fraud Lies Are a Fundraising Scam

luxintenebris says...

Federal, State, & Local officials all say there were no problems.

None. Notta. Nix. Nil. Zero. Zilch. Zip.

These accusations are as empty as the former 45th president's scrotum, head, or campaign's remittance envelopes.

Like most of the previous president's life, he always mucks it up. The only par he ever shoots.

Hitler learns he can't stop vote counting

luxintenebris says...

it over rover

"When is the last time Trump gave up."

not the last...but...when he lost the lawsuit for his university, or his charity, or his bankruptcies, or the dozen or so times during his presidency when he got blowback.

he's dust, vapor, smoke, gas.

be happy we've got someone capable, hardworking, honest, trustworthy...give sanity a chance.

BTW: what was it the orangettes use to say? something like..."you've never gotten over losing the election"?

sing it:

bobknight33 said:

It ain't over yet.

When is the last time Trump gave up.

There is voter fraud going on, how big? big enough to cast doubt.

If neither candidate gets to 270 electors due to disputed ballots, the House would have to decide the election.

As Biden Nears Victory, Trump Tries to Steal the Election

luxintenebris says...

Don is gone
But his herd isn't

Hope the sober GOP members stay the course
Get some real fixes installed

Healthcare, Public Education Reform, Infrastructure, COVID...and a total myrid of things that can be addressed if the desire is there.

Four years of Don foolery is enough.

Go Joe

The best golfer, probably ever.

luxintenebris jokingly says...

BTW: since the talk is about putting things into a hole in the ground...

what's the deal w/the Omaha rally, Bob? There wouldn't have been that many frozen old people if they'd just stop counting them?

or should we wait until Fox, Rush, or the myriad of apologists supporting the president figure out why it was the fan's fault and not the star's?

heard a response, that people should have dressed for the occasion - and not wait for a warm bus ride back. older people forced to walk four miles only to be found wandering half-frozen unable to find their car. mainly because of hypothermia.

so appropriate. orange turning on the orange. the young sacrificing the old. poor planning by the poorly chosen. chaos. disorder. and donnie wouldn't be responsible for any of it.

that's on the nose.

sing it bob...

The best golfer, probably ever.

luxintenebris jokingly says...

the worst part about being a cheater is that they can't even beat themselves.

if they shoot 6 and write 4, the cheatin' side wins over them, every time.

they still lose. to someone that even isn't there.

in the president's case, he loses to a guy that isn't there, when HE isn't there either. sadder than don is a fan of don.


luxintenebris jokingly says...

'You wouldn't trust him with your children'

or your elderly...

surveying the responses to this seems there's no way to fix this.

thought it might have been the president's decision to appear late at a closed event, turned open, in freezing temperatures was a lousy idea. maybe the chaotic challenge of going from 10k to 22k might have been over-optimistic by his rally staff. but the fellow rally-goers want to put the blame on other rally-goers (like president; like lemming).

wasn't don's fault, nor the event organizers, it was don's fans? so the problem was they liked him and his 'people' couldn't gauge the huuuge response? don didn't know. his people didn't know. it was because his fans didn't know better?

okay, get it now.

gee. one would have thought they'd been perfectly warm with all those hoods? bet they rue being p.c. and not burning crosses. that alone should have kept a wide number of them toasty.

Judge Barrett isn't worth considering

Judge Barrett isn't worth considering

luxintenebris jokingly says...

trollboy? that's rich. (bezos rich)

that 1 basic question is on every american naturalization test. so it's a big miss. could rattle off that answer now and since jr. h.s.

with notes? most questions were dodged. same formula, same answer. so that's debatable.

"Who among us can do that? Who has done that?" they dropped the charges if that's what your asking!

lambast newt for orange rage then 🦜 mousse-lini's venom?

you're too funny to be funny.

...though i do admit i have been to a debauchery party...

bobknight33 said:

Trollboy She is qualified and worthy of the position.

She missed 1 basic question in 15 hours+ of hearings with out notes.

Who among us can do that? Who has done that?

I realize you don't understand this stuff because all you see is orange man bad. Blind rage has indeed blinded you. OR maybe you just prefer the party of debauchery, keeping black people poor ,uneducated in crime/rat infected Democrat cities.

MEGA landslide 2020

Judge Barrett isn't worth considering

luxintenebris says...

all of us are qualified.


since anyone can serve on the SCOTUS then all are qualified to question her competence.

anyone can comment on national policy. are you familiar with the internet?

JANIS Joplin is a plus. at least he knows quality music. (deride him and misspell the name that's right in front of you?)

drradon said:

Mr. Janice Joplin T-shirt clerked with exactly who on the Supreme Court? With a law degree from where??? And that qualifies him to comment on the competence of Ms. Barrett? Not quite as funny as our current crop of comedians who think they're qualified to comment on national policy...

HOA Karen does NOT approve of the Biden signs

luxintenebris says...

Another out-of-context video. Tired of the 'Karen' campaign. Without context, it's knee-jerk judgment. Already have people that making bad judgements about others without enough data.

That said...appears there was a man at the edge of the walkway - why didn't she address him? Sounded like he said...

"I'll talk to Cory. He's on the town board."

Doubt that political signage would be a violation (or enforceable) as it treads too close to the 1st amendment.

Have seen ramp walkways and handicapped ramps on homes. Those would look great with a "install your own President resistant walkway today!" sign beside them.

NOTE: don't let 🦜 bob fool you. he sent me a link to him and his band...

The unbearable lightness of being president.

luxintenebris jokingly says...

"Pretty sure he could act presidential if he could be bothered to."

wanna bet?

should be the same odds that he can bench 300lbs.

O's speech alone is intimidating. Like, listen to a doctor detailing removing a tumor.

T's is a mix of 'is he drunk', 'how old is he', and 'reminds me, have you gotten jr a tutor, yet?'

Buttigieg Shuts Down Loaded Fox Question

Female cruise captain takes down sexist troll in viral video

luxintenebris jokingly says...

your you're yore
get it
check the plug
snag the cord, comes out

to too two
this "teacher's" trigger
it's two "o's" if you're meaning "also"

those two went to the zoo, too

...damn thing is unplugged...

Let's talk about Trump wagging the dog....

Trump Leaves Hospital, Says "Don't Be Afraid of COVID"

luxintenebris jokingly says...

where's the river?

down near the van.

reviewed the 'river' and 'ballot sales' incidents don tried to report. no river. no sales.

like trying to interpret lassie...

"what? what's that don? the ballots are on fire? where? down by the river? let's go!"

...only there's no fire. no ballots. and no river.

damn don.

but unlike lassie, no way fat donnie is going to run or show us the way to rescue the election.

feeble-minded fop.

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