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17yr old student pilot first solo, loses a wheel on takeoff

Security footage of airborne Tesla.

littledragon_79 says...

Because a Supra is less dangerous I guess? Also what was that UFO at the very beginning?

newtboy said:

He is...the truck was dead in under 2 years, so my parents bought him a Supra.
The scary part was the tracks he would jump were at a freeway overpass (sunken freeway), and he tried to not touch the overpass with his tires. Better, the street he did this on was Hazzard st. in Houston (jumping the 610 freeway)
(No, he didn't have a confederate flag painted on the roof)

Reporter can barely stand in storm wind as 2 dudes stroll by

Moto2 rider sparks fury after grabbing rival's brake lever

Dashcam captures out-of-control driver on New Jersey Highway

Pumpkin spit on me

Frontline Retirement Gamble Mutual Fund Fees

man assaults teen in gym

That is gonna leave a mark

Lava Bomb Hits Sightseeing Boat In Hawaii

72 Hours Away From A Coup In Which Trump Will Be Decapitated

Casually Explained: How to Read the Stock Market

Thanks for supporting us vs Apple

Car misses exit and causes two semi trucks to crash

littledragon_79 says...

And continues along wondering what's wrong with everyone else. And where's karma on this? Not one door ding? If they don't have a case of the biggest anal warts ever recorded, I'm going to start thinking there is no God.

cloudballoon said:

Typical asshole driver behavior: always driving on the passing (left) lane for no good reason (not turning left, not passing slower vehicles) and not paying any attention with situational awareness. These drivers suck and causes road rage.

Road Rager Fist Fights With SUV In Florida

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