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Joe Biden Sings an Important Patriotic Song

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kronosposeidon says...

I'm glad most people there seem to have some sense. I feel like I'm living in some bizarro world right now. God, who knows what's going to happen over the next 4 years. I have a feeling we'll ALL need to strap in for this ride, my friend.

Take care. And if you don't hear from me in 6 months, please contact Amnesty International to petition for my release. HAHAHA! I'm only half-kidding.

kulpims said:

hej, kp
the people in the town where Melania was born (Sevnica) were elated Trump won, it's a small shithole on the croatian border, so people think now that Trump won tourism will boom:) otherwise, no - we're not happy he won

kulpims (Member Profile)

kronosposeidon says...

Dude, is this a popular sentiment in Slovenia?

I'm still fucking reeling from this election, though I'm a little better than I was yesterday. Maybe it's a good thing for Slovenia...? I mean Trump would send you guys military help if you needed it, probably before the rest of Europe.

Anyway, get your ass to Washington. Get a job in the new Trump administration. You could be Secretary of Agriculture. You guys are all farmers, right?

eric3579 (Member Profile)

kronosposeidon says...

You know it, brother. It looks pretty damn good too. Absolutely no bias in that statement, I swear.

Hey, I see you got a galaxy star. Congrats, amigo. it's pretty distinctive too. I like it a bit more than @blankfist 's cat butthole. (JK, blankfist. Who loves ya, buddy?...I mean someone does, right?)

eric3579 said:

Thinking of you

kulpims (Member Profile)

kronosposeidon says...

I just ran across this picture yesterday, the Trump family portrait:

Ha, isn't that great! I don't know what Slovenian sentiment in general is towards American taste, but let me assure that their family photo is tacky even by American standards. Just thought you might want to share this with your countrymen, as I'm sure Melania is a great source of pride to you all.

edit: Yes, that is a real picture, not photoshopped:

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kronosposeidon says...

Glad you like it, because Wonder Woman is the bomb. I can't wait til her movie comes out next summer. I'm a comic nerd, so these things are important to me. And I watch anime too. Don't judge me.

lurgee said:

Thanks! I really dig the Wonder Woman pic.

rottenseed (Member Profile)

kronosposeidon says...

Shit I'm fine. Older, but fine. I'm going to be fucking 50 next January, if you can believe that shit. And my son graduates from high school next year too. Hell, you must be settling into your mid 30s, I estimate. Getting pumped for that mid-life crisis? Good times, let me tell ya. You still with Gen (or is it Jen)? Or are you out grabbing chicks by their pussies? I hear that's a thing these days. I've had a few brief relationships in the last several years, but I'm single now, and I don't see myself ever marrying again. Relationships are too much work for me anymore, and I really don't want to change my lifestyle to accommodate someone else. Pretty selfish sentiment, I know, but why should I sacrifice watching cartoons all evening in exchange for semi-regular sex? That's why God invented masturbation, my friend.

Well, that's basically it. What's up with you?

rottenseed said:

Haven't talked to you in a while. How are things?

Donald Trump: 50 supporters explain why they love him

Last day of war

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lurgee (Member Profile)

kronosposeidon says...

A couple of times over the years when I'd been bullshitting with my coworkers and one of them started teasing me about whatever nonsense, I said something like "Let it go, dude. You've rung me out too, too, too many times." Nobody ever got it But to be fair it's really not funny or even clever, even if you get it. Just trying to make a tiny connection with a kindred spirit, but all I get are confused looks and awkward silence. Thug life.

lurgee said:

You are welcome. It is a cool video and the tune gets stuck in my head often. "All mixed up in the wash
Hot water bleeding our colors".

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