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ISIS Suicide Bomber Explodes in Mid-Air

islaywombats says...

You're totally right. I am now concerned about how short my attention span is. Is it possible I stopped the video before the second explosion? Time to re-evaluate my life.

mxxcon said:

watch it again, 2nd explosion image is simultaneous with 1st explosion's sound. 2nd explosion sound comes later.

ISIS Suicide Bomber Explodes in Mid-Air

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islaywombats says...

They wouldn't have learned about the Epic of Gilgamesh during the Babylonian Exile! The exiles were WAY later than the book of Genesis was written. They would have learned about it in Egypt or before. As I understand it, the book of Genesis was written during the Israelites' flight through the wilderness (what the book of Exodus is about).

But yes, I agree there are flood myths pre-dating the Hebrew scriptures and I'm eager to see what the Christian community does with this movie.

Also, I agree with charliem. There is evidence of localized flooding that could have given rise to the many flood myths among Ancient Near Eastern peoples. One fascinating theory is that a major flood happened when the Bosporus Strait collapsed and the water levels of the Mediterranean and Black Seas equalized. It's in the book "Noah's Flood" -

RFlagg said:

First poor Tugger, now an ark... LOL.

I wonder how they will explain how all the animals got there, and how all the animals in the world fit in a rather small boat (large for its age to be sure)... and how it is nearly a word for word copy of a much older Sumerian flood story that the Hebrew people would have learned about during the Babylonian Exile period... and how there is no physical evidence of the flood, let alone the 4500 years ago it would have happened according to the Bible...

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islaywombats says...

We probably evolved this trait to help us see the world steadily while running. New studies are suggesting we used to hunt our prey by "persistence hunting," or just jogging after an animal until it falls over from heat exhaustion (most animals can't cool down and move at the same time).

When you're moving steadily for a long period of time, your brain starts to "edit out" the movement, so you can see everything around you clearly. When you stop, your brain is still compensating, thus the effect.

My guess, at least.

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