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Yes We Can. Obama stories are shared. What a guy.

gorillaman says...

Intolerance is a virtue.

With all love and respect to my friends in this thread, I wasn't joking and I don't apologise. Barack Obama is a subhuman nigger and he should be strung up to die like a nigger.

When you participate in the sort of widespread oppression and generalised evil that he has, both as an individual and a member of an unabashedly fascist government; when you, say, lock free people in cages because you don't approve of the things they choose to put in their own bodies; when you commit those crimes against humanity, you lose any claim you might have had to be considered a part of our species.

So he's a nigger - as you would expect him to be, plebiscite systems won't elect human beings while humanity is in the extreme minority in every country in the world.

The fact that you're all less concerned with the hundreds of thousands of real lives this megalomaniacal nazi turd-demon has destroyed (what a guy) than you are with a little name-calling, speaks to the total moral degeneracy of today's faux-progressive orthodoxy.

Yes We Can. Obama stories are shared. What a guy.

gorillaman says...

Don't hold your breath waiting for fascists to do good things. If the nigger prince were capable of moral human behaviour, he'd already have pardoned the hundreds of thousands of innocent people he kidnapped and falsely imprisoned for drug offences.

ChaosEngine said:

He's still got a week to pardon Snowden.

C'mon Obama... do it. If for no other reason than it will piss Trump off so much.

New Gangnam Style? The Perverted Dance (Cut The Balls)!!!!!!

12 Days of Xmas - A tale of avian misery, and Xmas HORROR

gorillaman says...

Plant the pear trees, make a deal with your local butcher to offload the unwanted animals for a steal, the various folk musicians will presumably leave at the end of each day, or at least at the end of christmas, or if you actually somehow own them then I guess sell them to a european brothel, no problem - and then twelve days later you're still FORTY GOLD RINGS up, quids in on the discount meat and all the steak and game bird you could want for the foreseeable future.

a celebration of stand-up comedies best offensive jokes

gorillaman says...

If niggers lived for hundreds of years then they'd be the master race instead of us.

ChaosEngine said:

It almost like the most powerful demographic in history is less easily offended because they haven't endured centuries of oppression! Nah, that's ridiculous...

THE LAST OF US 2 - Official Reveal Trailer

Mixed Wrestling | Jolene Vs Tactical Ed Fighting For Life

Why Solitary Confinement Needs to Be Banned

OK GO Fantastic New Music Video - The One Moment

The Sinister Reason Weed is Illegal

Mom Throws 7 Year Old Son Out Of House For Voting For Trump

Who do you blame for the election results? (User Poll by newtboy)

gorillaman says...

Feminists and democracy.

By the way: of course guilt attaches to the act you take in voting, as in any other action. Decent people, if decent people participated in fascist systems like democracy, wouldn't vote their interests; they'd vote their understanding of the greatest possible universal net benefit.

An American-Muslim comedian on being typecast as a terrorist

gorillaman says...

One of the great intellectual catastrophes of the modern world, and probably the harbinger of the ultimate doom of our civilisation, is the collapse in the distinction between 'compare to' and 'equate with'. We can reasonably compare almost anything to almost anything else, and how unfortunate that we can expect immediately to be confronted by some aggrieved outrage-peddler who imagines they have a right to find the comparison insulting.

It is a literal fact that any group of two or more people, or living things, or indeed most objects of any kind, will possess some internal differences. As a matter of certain truth, not subject to doubt, muslims share with rats and serial killers the trait that they evince diversity of behaviour and belief. This demonstrates the total banality of the 'but they're all different' argument. It's not for their differences that these groups are disliked.

That's probably enough of a lesson for one day, and certainly @oritteropo ought to know better. I don't want to take the trouble to argue deranged claims like 'there are muslims who don't believe in god', or tiresome diversions on how christians and other jews can be just as bad, or to debate the relative merits of various religiously mandated dress codes; but you are right about one thing @SDGundamX: I would much prefer that islamic violence and oppression were a harmless and overblown bogey, but ethics is not a children's game - these are real people, with real victims, and too many of both.

An American-Muslim comedian on being typecast as a terrorist

gorillaman says...

Different cultural values. Alright then, @SDGundamX

The claim is that these places are examples of islamic countries 'filled with nice people'. I'm suggesting that @StukaFox's list of vicious police-states is perhaps not best chosen to illustrate this view.

There's a difference in category, isn't there, between being muslim and being japanese or american. It would be absurd to say, "I am japanese because I believe..." just as it would, "I am a muslim because I happened to be born..."

Now, we can actually make sweeping and not the less factual statements about people on the basis of their shared characteristics. Japanese people are born within such a set of geographical coordinates, or to parents who hold citizenship with the state of japan, or have naturalised following a particular procedure. Millions of people lumped together in a single sentence, and without assuming they're all alike.

Muslims, like rats or serial killers, aren't all alike and they don't all believe exactly the same things. Nevertheless by definition there really are certain specific beliefs to which they must all hew. Or show me the muslim who doesn't believe that there's a god, or that muhammed received its doctrine.

If you find basic, universal islamic beliefs repugnant (as every decent person must) then it is correct, objectively correct, to generalise your antipathy to all muslims, however many millions there may be, however widely spread. The apology from number and diversity fails completely.

An American-Muslim comedian on being typecast as a terrorist

gorillaman says...

Dubai & the UAE:
Homosexuals, adulterers and apostates can be stoned to death.
Abortion, blasphemy, public displays of affection, premarital sex, all illegal and punishable by flogging.
Domestic violence against women is legal.

Sodomy, extramarital sex, alcohol consumption, blasphemy, apostasy, proselytism all illegal and punishable variously by flogging or imprisonment.

Blasphemy, homosexuality, transgenderism, public displays of affection, eating or drinking in public during ramadan, alcohol, pornography and 'sending immoral messages' are all illegal.
Domestic violence and marital rape is legal.

Islamist violence against religious minorities is widespread.
Muslims are pushing hard to criminalise homosexuality.
Female applicants to the military and police are subjected to 'virginity tests'.
Shari'a in Aceh province includes the flogging of homosexuals among its atrocities.

Homosexuality and blasphemy are illegal.
Persecution of the LGBT by both government and private groups is common and increasing.

~90% prevalence of FGM
Half the country under islamist control, with all the oppression, murder, torture and rape that implies.

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