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Dying in the name of freedom

eoe says...

That my friend, is a false dichotomy.

You can have some choice. It's not absolute.

bobknight33 said:

@StukaFox says

Buts its ok to be a gay and get aids or be 14 and get pregnant. Both are blights on society and costly of insurance dollars / government aid.

There are many risky behaviors that people choose.

I'm against the vaccine but realize that it was in my best interest to take it. ( 59, over weight, out of shape etc)

You either have free choice or you dont.

Dying in the name of freedom

eoe says...

Hey there. Devil's advocate here.

Should we tell people who eat poorly to fuck off, too? What about any people who go off of their doctor's advice?

Don't get me wrong, I'm heavily in your corner. I would say the pandemic is a special case, not because it takes up hospital beds unnecessarily (which most of them do since heart disease, the #1 killer, is a disease of lifestyle), but because it immediately puts others in danger, outside the hospital.

The question of freedom vs. public health is easy in this case, but when does it become overreach? On the other (very far) end of the spectrum is eugenics.

StukaFox said:

FUCK these people.

Fuck them with a rake.

Fuck them. Fuck their "muh FWEEDUMS!" bullshit. Fuck their double-digit IQs and fuck anyone who encourages these cocksuckers to be the Typhoid Mary motherfuckers who need to be put on an island and neutron bombed until the carbon in their cells gives up and bails.

I've mentioned before that one of my clients is a major healthcare provider, the largest on west coast. The worthless fucking parasites who refuse to be vaccinated are going to jack your insurance rates into the stratosphere because they're being treated first in the ER (major profit center for hospitals) and then the ICU (where $10k a day is the low end). The best case scenario is that they get on with it and go have a talk with Hitler in Hell, but no -- these cunts have to hang on and take up a bed that won't be available for the guy who just had a massive coronary, take up doctor's and nurse's time while they cover their distance between living dumbfuck and dead dumbfuck at a snail's pace, and fuck us all by running up multi-million dollar bills that they can't pay, they won't pay, and that they'll dump on the rest of us when they're done gasping the oxygen that belongs to people who aren't idiots.

These goddamn parasites can't die fast enough. I laugh whenever I hear some moron bewailing the fact he didn't get the vaccine and now Death is check his watch outside the door. You want to exercise the "right" to not be vaccinated (which you don't legally have in the first place), fine: die at home, hopefully in agony, and let your family leave your corpse on the sidewalk as an abject lesson in why being a complete fucking idiot doesn't pay.

Fuck I hate these goddamn people.

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Why There are Now So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID)

eoe says...

Why? (Sort-term) capitalism. A combination of maximizing short-term profit without taking into account the future.

The C-level execs were fine, I'm sure.


Racing for $100

eoe says...

White trash in the back feel ignored. Oops!

Remember, it's not entirely a race issue, it's also a class one. And class probably plays a far greater role.

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Beautiful Christmas Carol for 2020

Donald Trumps Christmas story about reindeers and elections

eoe says...

Also, he's reading. So...

moonsammy said:

The only part of this that feels off is Trump doing a voice other than his own. His attempted impressions of other people are just his normal voice very slightly modified. While this dude's Santa voice is fantastic.

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Jehovah's Witness Receives Applause For Shunning Sister

eoe says...

People devoted to god over family and friends make me tremendously sad. When the cults get them so young, the poor bastards don't have a chance.

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