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Why There are Now So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID)

eoe says...

Why? (Sort-term) capitalism. A combination of maximizing short-term profit without taking into account the future.

The C-level execs were fine, I'm sure.


Racing for $100

eoe says...

White trash in the back feel ignored. Oops!

Remember, it's not entirely a race issue, it's also a class one. And class probably plays a far greater role.

An instrument built to play the classic dance song Popcorn

Beautiful Christmas Carol for 2020

Donald Trumps Christmas story about reindeers and elections

eoe says...

Also, he's reading. So...

moonsammy said:

The only part of this that feels off is Trump doing a voice other than his own. His attempted impressions of other people are just his normal voice very slightly modified. While this dude's Santa voice is fantastic.

Here's How That Annoying Fly Dodges Your Swatter | Deep Look

Trump and Melania Trump test positive for Covid-19

eoe says...

This gave me a hearty laugh. Thank you.

newtboy said:

It's apparently spreading through the Whitehouse like a California wildfire in an unraked national forest, ...

Mad World-Pentatonix


What's Your Password?

Jehovah's Witness Receives Applause For Shunning Sister

eoe says...

People devoted to god over family and friends make me tremendously sad. When the cults get them so young, the poor bastards don't have a chance.

Nice Morning

eoe says...

Nah, it was my bad. In these unfortunate times of "fake news" being a knee jerk reaction to everything and dog whistles galore, you have to be clear, especially when making jokes.

I never thought about it before, but it looks like the alt-right is also ruining comedy. Fuck them.

Re the downvote: Meh. Internet currency means less than zero to me. No worries.

Update: I added an extreme sarcasm tag, for clarity.

newtboy said:

Not really either. I assumed that, like many, you used it to avoid having to answer for your comment, but you meant it.
I'm certain that was exactly what many right wingers thought when watching this.
If you really didn't mean it, you should know the sarcasm button doesn't always indicate you don't mean it, just that you thought you're being funny.
When you used the right wing "cuck", I thought you likely meant it but wanted an "out" if you got called out about it, that's how many hard core right wingers use it.

If that's wrong, I'm sorry, but you might want to be more clear when you're making similar comments or you run the risk of being misunderstood. In my defense, I've been pretty sick all weekend and I'm not thinking clearly. Sorry for the downvote if it wasn't warranted.

Nice Morning

eoe says...

It was the first time I used it, but I had intentionally used the "sarcasm" feature. If you look at my post, it says "eoe jokingly says...". One of two things could have happened:

1. You didn't notice that I said it "jokingly" (as I don't think I ever noticed anyone having used the "sarcasm" feature before).
2. You saw it and were, in turn, joking.

newtboy said:

Don't project.

Nice Morning

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