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Damn, I am the worst mod! (Food Talk Post)

Damn, I am the worst mod! (Food Talk Post)

Foreplay for beginners

We're A Huge Group Of Girls!!!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer #1

Rob Dyrdek Kickflipping a Car Over a Giant Skateboard

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Missing cat finds owner during interview after 3 weeks

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How To Chug A $260 Bottle Of Champagne In 1 Minute.

Nerd Tron - Robot Chicken

Karl Pilkington and Ricky Gervais Discuss Infinity

djsunkid says...

Actually, with an infinite number of monkeys, as long as they each type different things, one of those monkeys will necessarily type shakespeare as soon as he sits at the typewriter. But there is no way you could hope to find his work, because you'd be searching through an infinite number of monkey's work, which would take an infinite amount of time.

The other problem is that we don't have enough typewriters.

Jar Jar's New voice for Star wars blu Ray- Better or worse?

djsunkid says...

I think Jar Jar would be better if they replaced his voice with an alien language. You'd need an extra line of dialogue where obi wan mentions that he can understand it because it's similar to the language x aliens speak or whatever.

Similarly, the ewoks could potentially be made much better with some clever edited and subtitles. Turn them from teddy bears into a warrior race, kind of a na'avi thing or whatever, maybe without the hippy part.

Ralph Wiggum's Original Voice Sucked

George Lucas Adds EVEN More Darth Vader Dialogue

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