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Many will die shortly

diggum317 says...

Actually, it looks like there are people on the dam itself. If you look center/right on the hill, it appears there are multiple figures starting to run when it breaks.

wtfcaniuse said:

There are multiple people dying in the video. Car and people walking bottom right are engulfed by the wave.

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great gig in the sky-fantastic pink floyd cover

diggum317 says...

I agree. While I enjoy covers, I also enjoy hearing what the musicians who are performing the cover bring to the song...their own unique style that adds to the original, making it "new".


ChaosEngine said:

On one hand, that is an amazingly faithful cover. By god, that girl's got one hell of a voice.

My only criticism is that it's TOO similar. It sounds so much like the original that you may as well just listen to that.

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