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Edna Mode Dubbed Royalty! (Sift Talk Post)

Israeli Comedy Show - "Hope kindergarten"

demon_ix says...

Eretz Nehederet has always had a left-leaning view, and I'm always amused when I see their skits being taken as being anything other than satire.

Humor doesn't translate well across subtitles, I suppose.

Israeli Comedy Show - "Hope kindergarten"

griefer_queafer (Member Profile)

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Christian Movie: How the Atheist Stole Christmas

World War 3 Begins!

Windows 7: It's Too Late To Apologize - Parody

Carrot bukkake... (sfw)

CNN: Proof Time Travel Exists?

Kill Bill Vol. 2 - Emilio the Fish Meets His Maker

demon_ix says...

I would have loved this video a lot more if it didn't have the word "Fish" in both the title and the tags. Not knowing Emilio isn't a person is half of the shock of this conversation

TDS: Indecision 2010 - Extreme Makeover Edition

California Voter Intimidation - The Federal Government

Stalking cat

One of the Greatest Death Scenes Ever Filmed!!!

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