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Surviving a Black Mamba bite

Giant "UFO" fireworks display

how its made: processed deli meats

Pie To The Face Game

Car Parks on Pedestrian Crossing. Pedestrian Gets Revenge

daxgaz says...

I love this guy a whole lot. I have done similar things at the school crosswalk in my neighborhood and it is very hard to do this even when you know you are in the right and protecting people.

00Scud00 (Member Profile)

Got some trees to clear? You need this..

Fake Chef Pranks Morning TV Shows

Not Everyone Is Cut Out To Be A Soldier


daxgaz says...

that is almost certainly Florida. Not because they are crazy and everyone in FL is crazy, but because of the screened in pool. Those only happen in places that never get snow (snow would rip the screens). Also, sigh, many people here in FL are crazy.

After Hours - 4 Movie Apocalypses That Would Be Fun

Neodymium magnet clears metalworking shop

daxgaz says...

where's the "in Russia the magnet ____ you" joke? I can always see it coming but I usually (like this time) can't figure out the punch line until someone else says it.

Samuel L. Jackson on The Purple Lightsaber

daxgaz says...

i think it may be that Lucas changed his mind about this a few times. Sometimes, during the making of a movie, he cared a lot and wanted everything to match. Other times, when he was not interested in the universe, he didn't care and anything goes. Also, it's very likely that the emails that people in the studio got from George were actually from a writer, marketer, etc...
The further you dig into the guts of Star Wars, the more you realize that Lucas made up much of it as he went and had no qualms about inconsistency if a scene he wanted caused it.

Samuel L. Jackson on The Purple Lightsaber

daxgaz says...

I can attest, I worked at lucasarts around that time. for a game we were making, we had made a light saber color generator that let the player pick their own personal color. George sent an email to us that said we had to nix that and that there were only red for bad, green or blue for good and purple for Mace Windu. we had to kill the whole system and remove it from the game. it was a bummer for us, but I guess it kept things consistent so that's ok.

Russell Brand on MSNBC Mocking Media

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