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Man falls from boardwalk, caught on video

How I Met Your Mother - Official Alternate Ending

Free Download Latest Avast pro Premier 2014.9.0.2021+Crack,

Cat doesn't like its vest

passing 1000 cars in Bangkok traffic - One nigt in Bangkok

leadership8tr (Member Profile)

When you gotta go... in the car

When you gotta go... in the car

Airsoft Gun vs Strike-Anywhere Matches (Slomo 600/1200 FPS)


Stupidity at 2500 FPS - Dumt & Farligt Highlights

Teen Shot Dead for Being Black -- White Shooter Not Arrested

cyberwire says...

How can you even bring up self defense if you put yourself in the situation by following the kid after the cops tell you not to... I just don get it... I cannot believe he hasn't stepped foot inside a cell by now like any other person in that situation would have if it were in any other town.

There's no such thing as a magic goat.

Japanese wave pool can create ANY shape of wave

Hippos Sucking Croc

cyberwire says...

Not losing your mind, thats exactly what I thought when I heard it lol... Good old days huh?

>> ^Matthu:

I'm losing my mind.
At 12 secs tell me that's not the exact same spell fizzling sound from Ultima Online. I'm sure it is. WTF.
I would recognize that sound anywhere... I played that game entirely too much.

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