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Sagemind says...

What exactly consitutes a self link?

If your post is not a Sponsored Video (the only allowed way to promote your own content) and any of the following is true about a particular video you are considering submitting, it is a self link, with NO exceptions for any member:

The video is associated with your account on the video host (i.e., you uploaded it to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
You played any role, no matter how large or small, in any aspect of the production of the video.
You are in any way responsible for or involved in marketing, promoting, or any other manner of proliferating the video.
You could receive any form of compensation (monetary or otherwise) as a result of the submission or subsequent views.
You are somehow represented in the content of the video (whether photographically, artistically, audibly, or metaphorically) without the approval of a site administrator.

If you self link, regardless of your logic or explanation, you are violating the posting guidelines. There are no exceptions for any reason, whatsoever.

Finally, submitting a video that is considered spam falls within our definition of a self-link. If you create an account solely to post a video for whatever reason, but do not actually participate in VideoSift in any other way before or after, you may be considered a spammer/self-promoter and your account is subject to banning.

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