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Weezer - I Love The USA

Enough already, Eric3579 -- let us celebrate you! (Happy Talk Post)

ctrlaltbleach (Member Profile)

Charger prototype finding its way to Model S

ctrlaltbleach says...

I think this technology will be more useful when automated cars begin to take over the market. If you have a company that basically runs a automated taxi service the car can pull up on its own and get recharged. I also think the general servicing of the car will eventually go that route as well.

Asmo said:

/sigh Are we really that far gone that we can't even recharge on our own anymore?

Spose it would be helpful for people that constantly forget to charge the car, it's a bit more difficult to deal with than leaving your phone till it's only got 10% left on it.

eric3579 (Member Profile)

ctrlaltbleach says...

I know I'm excited that they've gone this far. They could hang it up from here and I would still be ecstatic about the season. It looks like clearing the roster and starting over may have been the right move.

eric3579 said:

Great year so far for your Astros

American League seems to suit them well.

Desireless - Voyage Voyage (1986)

chicchorea (Member Profile)

ctrlaltbleach says...

Thank you and we made it through the flood fine although the posts on one side of my fence apparently rotted out and was blown over. Luckily my neighbor fixed it already.

chicchorea said:

Happy Birthday neighbor,


I hope you avoided the flood...feet and more wet here.

eric3579 (Member Profile)

flight lessons via pallet jack

mintbbb (Member Profile)

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to ALL. (Happy Talk Post)

Guardians of The Galaxy Behind The Scenes Dance Off

Very cool movie magic - How did they do that?

One Of The Best Arguments For Deleting Facebook

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