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Happy 15th Birthday, VideoSift! (Sift Talk Post)

crotchflame says...

Happy Birthday all! I just want to say thanks since I pretty much just lurk here and take advantage of all your work. Been doing it for over a decade and hope to for decades to come. I love you all.

Cop Rock - Baby Merchant

How to Talkbox

CIA - The American governments terroist organization

crotchflame says...

I was thinking that watching this: this crap is now fueling all these rightwing fever dreams about the deep state and coloring their attacks on domestic institutions and democracy.

I'd say it's almost like karma if it weren't so insane.

bobknight33 said:

The Shit the CIA does also applies to America.

DEEP STATE alive and well this last 4 years trying to tear America apart.

Tower distructtion

crotchflame says...

I love that the tower went down in a free fall at the end.

I was gonna make some 911 truther joke here about explosives but the election's tomorrow and I don't have it in me.

Scary encounter with Mountain Lion cubs and mom

crotchflame says...

Was gonna write the exact same thing, but you said it better.

moonsammy said:

I totally get the adrenaline preventing rational thought at first, but that was a solid 6 minutes of walking by some excellent "get the fuck away" rocks. I felt pretty vindicated when throwing one damn rock got it to flee. Our advantage is thumbs, buddy: use them.

Protesters try to stop truck with motorcycle

80s Aerobics video to the tune of Rob Zombie's Dragula

The World's Biggest Gear Reduction

We Believe: The Best Men Can Be - Gillette Ad

Leon the Professional - EVERYONE

Bob Newhart-Stop It

Roly Polies Came From the Sea to Conquer the Earth|Deep Look

Dashcam Video Of Alabama Cop Who Shot Man Holding His Wallet

crotchflame says...

I was actually fairly ambivalent on gun control until I moved to the UK. I lived there for 3 years and trying to explain American gun culture to a Brit is mostly what changed my mind.

robbersdog49 said:

Watching this as a brit it makes my blood boil.

I get why the cop shot him. The way he got out of the car and was holding his wallet it really did look like it could be a gun aimed at the officer. In a country where the person getting out of the car could well be carrying a gun that's a reasonable response from the officer. I'm with that. I get it.

I don't understand how anyone thinks that all this is OK though. This would never have happened in the UK, or any other country where guns are carefully controlled. Having guns rife in the country leads to so much shit like this. So many unnecessary deaths. All these lives are worth less than 'I want to carry a gun'. It's madness, and I don't understand how you can't see that.

This cop did nothing wrong, it's the only reasonable response to that situation where there's guns everywhere. You guys need to get rid of the guns. Really.

Scientists Invent 2x Faster, Heatless Clothes Dryer

crotchflame says...

As far as I can tell, ultrasonic atomizers run around 30 to 40 kHz and this should be similar (there might be important differences I'm not thinking of though). And a dog's range of hearing is generally considered to be up to around 45 kHz.

So, to answer your question, I have no idea.

Jinx said:

Is it going to make dogs and the like go crazy?

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