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Postal worker throwing packages into ravine.

Leaked Star Wars Filmset Footage

Lena Headey and Jimmy Kimmel Talk Game of Thrones Style

Neil deGrasse Tyson vs. Conservative Media

chilaxe says...

QFT: "So fine, argue about the politics, or about your religion, or about your other philosophies, but emergent scientific truths, that ought to be the foundation upon which everything else is discussed... these are not subject to your opinions."

Gamer's Home Invaded by Robbers

chilaxe says...

For readers who aren't versed in U.S. crime, many home-invasion robberies like this result in women like her being sexually assaulted and getting STDs. But in this case, she was saved by her gamer friends calling the cops. Recent example.

Inside The KKK's Plan For Expansion

Mountain Biker Robbed

chilaxe says...

Being racist basically refers to being mean. I'm not being mean. I'm a humanist who cares about human rights.

What I said is true that the reason South Africa has so much more wealth than it's neighbors is because European folks built it, and now much of it has decayed.

billpayer said:

Hello Racist

btw. Is this the poor white slum future you speak of ?

Ah hahahahah

White slums are the SAME as black.
Guess it's was NEVER a skin color thing... just a dumb poverty thing
But you probably can't understand that

btw. Most of Russia/Europe/USA is decaying urban concrete. wtf does that have to do with anything...
Please write more, your ignorance is very very funny

oh yeah... "vote against immigration ?" So South Africa, USA AND Australia should AND KICK OUT ALL THE WHITES, since THEY are the immigrants ??? You are soo dumb and probably from Germany/Holland/Switzerland or some other Nazi country

Norwegian Cops Arrest Angry Drunk Demon

chilaxe says...

The famous Black economist Thomas Sowell speaks openly about such issues, ("Are Race Riots News?") so it's definitely a larger trend.

Would you object if African-Americans were 600% more likely to be convicted for murder?

Such an outcome would be completely just and fair because they are in fact 600% more likely to commit murder. That's where the bulk of the disparity in conviction rates comes from.

I'm a liberal who wants to continue living in a liberal world. Honest data is not evil, and when liberals downplay it, they fuel the rise of the far-right. The far-right is currently sweeping European elections only because liberals refuse to be reasonable. Please keep liberalism competitive, so the far-right would no longer be able to attract moderates.

Drachen_Jager said:

You know, it's those instances where the youth (it's always a kid) is handcuffed and under control, yet still manages to get himself shot because he was suddenly so threatening to the cops they had no other choice. Those things only happen to black people in the U.S.

If you actually think the criminal justice system in the US treats everyone equally, regardless of color, you're really not worth talking to anymore, because you need therapy to deal with your delusional state, rather than debate.


Mountain Biker Robbed

chilaxe says...

The assailant had to run pretty far before he was in pistol range.

If the biker had been more wary, like concealed carry folks are, he'd have rode off in the opposite direction immediately.

grinter said:

Good thing the biker didn't have a gun; someone could have been killed, or at the very least, the robbers would have another weapon.

Mountain Biker Robbed

chilaxe says...

The reason South Africa has so much more wealth than it's neighbors is because European folks built it.

After they weren't in power anymore, the skyscrapers they built fell into decay, Detroit style.

Expect to see more of that as Whites become minorities in all of their nations (except Russia) in the coming decades.

People of all ancestries should vote against immigration if they like stable societies.

billpayer said:

Yes, if you are a rich white person cycling leisurely through a starving impoverished land, you may get robbed.
Sorry to interrupt your disaster porn.
Buy another fucking bike, boo hoo

Norwegian Cops Arrest Angry Drunk Demon

chilaxe says...

The reason there are more African-American police deaths is because African-Americans have a 600% higher average murder rate.

Liberals think the police deaths are out-of-proportion only because they're not aware of the out-of-proportion crime rate among Africans (in all countries).

(On the other hand, treat everyone as individuals, and know that genetic engineering will eventually create equality where liberalism failed.)

Drachen_Jager said:

Taser? Oh how 1980s of you.

They'd just kill him. Especially if he was black.

Cardboard invisibility suit

Horseback riding simulator for exercise purposes only

This is a huge Batman fan!!

chilaxe says...

@MilkmanDan said: "Can't take it with me., might as well enjoy [it]..."

I think the difference is that hundreds of thousands of dollars are of real use to humankind. I'd be happier investing that money, knowing that the company I invested in is doing stuff for humankind.

Or invest the money in your kids' abilities, and put them on an elite life track.

And if previous generations had spent less money on temporary pleasure, we'd have cured aging already. So when humankind just wants to have fun, your life is on the line.

@Fletch said: "you think the computer would be "as fun"? I'm sad for you."

That's fair. Yes, I don't think we should place much value on fun itself.

I think we're happiest when we derive our pleasure from things we built and from continually increasing our abilities.

Police perform illegal house-to-house raids in Boston

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