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Searing meat to hold in flavor is wrong? wtf

braindonut says...

I've done it both ways. Both are delicious. But if I have a particularly expensive steak cut, I almost always cook slow and consistent, then sear at the end. Searing with a broiler, with some butter on top of the steak, is also quite nice

KrazyKat42 said:

I call bullshit on the steaks. Fast-seared steaks may retain less water, whatever. They taste better, and all good cooks would agree.

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SODA / POP / COKE (Dialect Map of the USA)

braindonut says...

Ditto. I said pop as a kid, somehow transitioned to soda. Michigan, here.

Also, surprisingly, I pronounce pecan the way they do in Texas. hmm

00Scud00 said:

Despite living in Minnesota my entire life I find I prefer using the term soda over pop, I guess at some point I just thought pop sounded kind of stupid.

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