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The Lion and the Croc

boblobblaw says...

I highly doubt it was drowning either. I think a more plausible explanation would be that the jaguar pierced the top of the croc's skull with its teeth.

>> ^iaui:

I'm not sure that crocodile was drowning ... some crocodiles can stay under water for upwards of two hours, some even longer. Perhaps if it was caught off guard before it could breathe in and prepare for a dive it might drown? Or perhaps the jaguar footage was really over a couple of hours long and it just stood there holding the crocodile underwater that whole time and the editor just didn't want to make us watch that length of film... (:

A Crane Lifting a Crane, Lifting a Crane, Lifting a Crane

Summer Glau's wushu training

boblobblaw says...

Please direct us to a few of those movies with quality fights scenes in your opnion. Thank you in advance...>> ^swedishfriend:

Funny, the fight scenes are some of the worst out there. reminds me of the super slow exaggerated stunt fighting from the 80's. I liked Serenity in spite of the fight scenes not because of them. There have been so many films with good fight scenes at any budget level that I am amazed how once in a while films still get made with such lame feeling action. Being flexible and acrobatic is not as important as having an intelligent use of the forces you throw around to at least look like you are putting some force into each hit VS I am touching you gently now and then you fly backwards as if a much greater force hit you. The dissonance between cause and effect is so great that it looses any impact.

The robot army behind's extraordinary success

God of War Movie Trailer


Richard Feynman: You don't like it? Go somewhere else!

TED Talks - V S Ramachandran - Mirror neurons

Misinformer of the Year 2009: Glenn Beck

boblobblaw says...

I believe the correct term should actually be "disinformer." Misinforming is spreading information that is unintentionally false, or information one might believe to be true, whereas Disinformation is false or misleading information that is spread deliberately. To say that Glenn Beck misinforms is to grant him more charity than he deserves.

Shark enjoys a nose rub. In other news, Sharks have faces.

Cute Thai Ad

Workers of the World Relax

Exercises for improving peripheral vision a la martial arts

Ze Frank on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

MC Spandex - Performance (Hipster Vs Road Cyclist Rap)

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