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Meryl Streep on the Press, the Arts & Empathy. Vivisection.

In memory of George Michael. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Eric3579 Hits Galaxy! (Sift Talk Post)

alien_concept says...

Wow! That whole thing made me smile so much. Congratulations! I'm sure everyone has told you how much you do and how valuable you are and how effortlessly you help bring this community together. So I'll just add that I think you're great and see if I can't figure out how to fix my 500 dead videos!

Lily Allen - Not Fair (Live on Jools Holland)

the world is a bit less brighter today (Death Talk Post)

Elliot Smith's Twilight Harp Cover

Most Insane Footage Yet From The China Explosion

eric3579 (Member Profile)

Louis C.K. - Shitty Friends

Husband Vs. Pregnant Wife

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: UK Labour Party

alien_concept says...

This is supposed to be funny, but as a member of the UK and knowing that this is our most likely alternative, I am actually depressed! They are so out of touch

Still, you've gotta laugh or you'll cry!


Zawash (Member Profile)

Crystal Frontier - Calexico

Hello Sift. Just a Hello and Your Drag Me Back E-Mail Worked (Wtf Talk Post)

radx (Member Profile)

alien_concept says...

It's funny, but I can't laugh, too close to reality. I've not much looked into it all I have to be honest, too much shit going down here!

Where's the reset button???

radx said:

Frankie had one of his moments again:

"I think we're heading for a two state solution. Israel as a solid, Palestine vaporised into a gas."

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