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How To NOT Use A Roundabout

Spacedog79 says...

In theory that shouldn't happen, cars in the left lane should be going straight or turning left, cars in the middle lane should only be going straight. If they tried to go left they've screwed up, they should have been in the left lane.

newtboy said:

Yes, but it gets weird if lane three (fast lane) goes straight but lane two (middle lane) wants the third exit or uturn.
If everyone yields to cars on their left, it works, but you gotta keep your eyes wide open and pay attention, and actually yield, all things Americans are loath to do.

How To NOT Use A Roundabout

Spacedog79 says...

If you were just going straight then you can usually use any lane to enter, just be sure to exit in the same lane. Traffic joining should yield so there should be no one crossing your path.

newtboy said:

Nice....but I did notice a number of cars in the video weren't following the rules they were describing!

We got caught out in Iceland on the freeway. We had little opportunity to choose the correct lane to just go straight, and no opportunity to read road markings and direction signs at near freeway speeds. Good thing there's almost no traffic there or we might have caused a wreck.

I think single lane roundabouts are great....but with the unintuitive and nonstandard rules paired with poor average driving skills I don't think multi lane versions belong in America. Freeway roundabouts are just plain nuts.

How To NOT Use A Roundabout

Spacedog79 says...

Multiple lanes are for going different directions, left to go left, middle to go straight on and right to go right. If people get in the correct lane ahead of time they shouldn't need to cut anyone off.

In the US for example going left you'd be in the left lane, but as your go around the lane you're in will merge right. If you keep in the lane you'll be on the right by the time you get to your turnoff and you won't be in anyone's way.

newtboy said: America, and I'm pretty certain Iceland (the only countries I've been in with roundabouts) it's the reverse....the car in the roundabout has the right of way. The yield signs are at every entrance. That works fine on single lane roundabouts.

My big question is, on multiple lane roundabouts like freeways, which lane has the right of way? How does a car in the inner lane exit without just cutting off the outer lanes?

How To NOT Use A Roundabout

Spacedog79 says...

It depends on what country you're in. In the UK and I believe most countries you yield to people already on the roundabout.

TheFreak said:

Here's the issue I have with roundabouts in America.

Merrka! FUck yeah!

We're full of "me first" individualists. In Sweden I dealt with the giant freeway roundabouts and it works because you yield to people entering the roundabout. Sounds counter intuitive but as long as EVERYONE FUCKING COOPERATES it works.

I deal with a roundabout almost daily and the issue is that when an American gets onto it their instinct is to block people entering. It's the exact same mentality that has someone speed up to block you from changing lanes in front of them on the highway.

The end result is everyone pulls up and has to come to a complete stop while the people on their left get on and try to accelerate hard to prevent the people on their right from entering. Fucking absurd.

To be clear:
You don't yield to people already in the roundabout when you're entering.
You do yield to people entering the roundabout when you're already in it.

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How To NOT Use A Roundabout

Spacedog79 jokingly says...

The signs on UK roundabouts are to help visiting Americans.

psycop said:

I'm from the home of the good 'ole roundabout and honestly... I don't get how you are meant to use this thing. Also yes, ours are absolutely plastered with signs and help.

Is this two one way roads, or was it just random chance that all the traffic was going one way? Normally one side of the road would be for return traffic?

Took a wee while, but I found a picture of a normal looking roundabout and even in a country where people use them all the time there are a lot of attempts to tell you how to use it:

A Message from Alaskans (to Texas) on Wind Power

Spacedog79 says...

The whole industry in the US is being hamstrung but obstructionist greens, lack of access to cheap financing and dithering politicians.

Asia are building reactors on time and on budget, the US and EU need to play catch up especially as China and Russia are developing soft power from exports.

eric3579 said:

I'm all for nuclear, but what's the reality of that happening in the states anytime soon or at all? Are there plants being built right now or planned to be built?

A Message from Alaskans (to Texas) on Wind Power

Spacedog79 says...

Indeed, amazingly the wind power in Texas actually met expectations of the power it would provide in the cold snap.

The trouble is wind is so undependable they only counted on there being about 10% of capacity available. Wind gets absolved of blame by having almost no expectation that it will be available in the first place.

I say screw wind, build nuclear reactors instead and get the job done properly.

newtboy said:

The bullshit lie Texan politicians sold was that wind turbines don't work in the cold. They do.

In Texas, the good old fossil fuel plants failed before the wind turbines and for couldn't pick up the slack. Had the turbines been retrofitted to operate in cold, a simple fix strongly suggested the last time their grid failed from cold, they could have taken up the slack from the failed fossil fuel plants and kept Texas out of the dark.

A Message from Alaskans (to Texas) on Wind Power

Spacedog79 says...

They might work in the cold but they don't work when it isn't windy. Then they have good old fossil fuels to pick up the slack, yay.

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Naval Assault Suit Trials

Spacedog79 jokingly says...

Who needs guns when you can turn on an afterburner and blast their face off?

BSR said:

As is, I think this is very limited as to what one can achieve. It's basically a man drone. The arms and hands are useless at all times while flying.

ThunderCats Opening Remade with CGI

Spacedog79 says...

I don't think they were saying it's bad, more it's good enough to give some Hollywood execs ideas about a film cash in.

ant said:

It wasn't that bad. It's fan made. The faces are weird though.

Desert Storm - The Air War, Day 1

Insanely Big Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon (compilation)

Spacedog79 says...

I believe it did all go up, the explosion was about 1.1kt (TNT equivalent) because Ammonium Nitrate is about 0.4 times the explosive power of TNT.

wtfcaniuse said:

Apparently a lot of it didn't combust and was expelled by the blast. I saw an estimate of 1kt equivalent which is still massive.

This Tower Converts Smog Into Jewelry

Spacedog79 says...

Yes, ironically the smog caused by the power used to do this will likely be many times more than the machine consumed.

Mordhaus said:

Pretty cool, but I worry the power expenditure may offset the benefits unless they are using clean renewable power sources.

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