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100 Greatest One-Liners: Before The Kill

David Attenborough on how to save the planet

Spacedog79 says...

Nuclear energy is the only way we can do it, we can run the planet forever and do things cleanly and more densely to leave more of our planet for wildlife.

The trouble is almost everything we hold as common wisdom about it is completely wrong, using breeder reactors have enough uranium to run the planet forever leaving almost no waste and removing the possibility of big accidents which actually aren't as harmful as commonly believed anyway.

We have thorium too, and many designs of each that can do the job. In fact we have a wealth of of options, but also a decades old and highly effective PR campaign from the fossil fuel industry to convince us otherwise.

Linear Doom mod Trailer - Doom 1.5D jokewad

Dinner for One - Freddie Frinton and May Warden

THE DEAD DON'T DIE - Official Trailer

Grooveless metal engineering

You Are Probably a Victim of the Largest Theft of All Time

Petting Sharks like Dogs, BBC, Blue Planet

Swan cleaning up human waste.

Bus Explodes In Sweden

A Certain Kind Of Death - Documentary

Spacedog79 says...

I imagine tracing next of kin is a hell of a lot easier these days now that everyone and their dog has social media.

Why Everyone is Going to Iceland Lately

Spacedog79 says...

In the wake of the financial crisis Iceland refused to listen to the bad advice of the bankers who caused the mess and locked them up instead. This let them recover their economy instead of falling deeper in to the bankers debt.

David Ehrlich's 25 Best Films of 2018: A Video Countdown

Monty Python's "Happy Valley Fairy Tale" (Rare & Complete)

Homemade Hydro Electric Station! Alternative energy!

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