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Testing Robustness

Florida School Shooter was Member of White Nationalist Group

Motorboat does impression of Killer Whale in the wild

Sketch says...

This is probably the whale trying to tell humans, "shut the fuck up with all of the fucking boat engines already!" Whales can't hear each other communicate with all of the noise pollution, which has led to all sorts of problems.

Being on a Cruise Ship During Bomb Cyclone

I'm an Albatraoz

Sketch says...

Am I old because I had to look up the Urban Dictionary definition of "Albatraoz" to fully understand the message she was trying to get across?

Evo-Devo (Despacito Biology Parody) | A Capella Science

How they tow cars in Alabama

If Atheists Sounded Like Christians

Caterpillars Merging

Sikorsky - Boeing Future Vertical Lift

The Official Star Wars Tribute To Carrie Fisher

Whole New Worlds: An Aladdin History of Exoplanets


Ecuador's Got Talent Bullies 16 Yr Old Atheist

Sketch says...

And EVERYONE was in on it! How f'ing horrific!? How can we expect to fix any of the problems in the world, if we can't come to grips with what we are as evolved, biological animals in a fragile ecosystem on a lonely rock spaceship who thrive in communities; and not as some divinely created children of some imaginary wizard authority.

How about at least letting the girl take pride in her own skills and effort instead of needing to thank God for doing nothing.

Everyone likes a good scratch

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