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War never changes

Denmark Responds To Fox News Fantasy With Facts

Sketch says...

I don't understand what's so difficult to understand about this. Take care of all people, and they won't turn into the monsters that we're so afraid of, they become more productive members of society since they aren't busy scrambling to survive, and it costs less than dealing with the ramifications of NOT taking care of them.

My God, Bones... What Have I Done?

Lies On The Internet

David vs Goliath

Wedding vs World Cup 2018

Sketch says...

I once went to a wedding that took place during the Ohio State v. Michigan football game. Most of the men showed up for the reception.

Heavy Metal playing Metal

Main Street - I got a dream

Sketch says...

That's wonderful! In high school, my choir director was Ben Ayling, the bass for 1991 international champion quartet, The Ritz. So we had our own student quartet, which we called, in proper Simpsons-style naming convention, The Ritz Bitz.

Made in China

Thundercats Reboot

Sketch jokingly says...

We all prefer the '80's, but we can't go back! We were all younger, and dumber then. I can't honestly love the thing without recognizing that it also had Ro-Bear Berbils.

ant said:

That was decent, but this reboot is way worse. I prefer the original 80s!

Thundercats Reboot

Sketch says...

I really wish they had stuck with the 2011 reboot. That was spectacular! But I'm willing to give this a shot; maybe it will surprise me. I'm certainly not going to tweet threats to CalArts and its students, like SOME ignorant jackasses!

Bill Maher - Sen. Bernie Sanders

Sketch says...

If only the DNC leadership hadn't rigged the system so that people who didn't already know could hear his message. We'd be living in a much different world right now.

BSR said:

What a breath of fresh air.
Notice how he doesn't sound like Trump in the least little bit.
Ahhh... the sweet smell of sanity.

American Football player fires a minigun

"Mr President, that is your stink" -- says Fox News Pundit.

Sketch jokingly says...

Don't worry, this is a rare outlier, but an inevitability as the dam begins to break. The rest of the channel's programming will self-correct for this anomaly. Be ready for the Pence presidency!

BSR said:

OMG! Am I at that stage in my life where Fox News sounds right to me now? Is this how my grandfather hears it? Tell me this isn't happening!

Testing Robustness

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