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Stephen Colbert on Keith Olbermann Leaving MSNBC

What an unusual talent...

Cute Licky Puffy Puppy

Elvira - I'm Not A Witch

Pack of Ghosts? No, Just Puppies

Simple_Man says...

Sometimes I wonder if this is how legends get started. Imagine two yokels in a rural area, back two or three hundred years ago. They hear this sound, "woooo, woooo!" coming from the woods. One of them says to the other, "What in tarnation was that?" The other replies, "It must be the sound of restless spirits!", after which they run screaming back home to tell others of their harrowing experience. Folks shut their windows, nail charms to their doors, and pray. Meanwhile, a pack of young pups coo and whine, pining for the warm bathing of their mother's tongue.


Pussy People

Kid Would Rather Farm Organically than Play for NFL

Simple_Man says...

Amen, RadHazG. Listening to him reminds me of Marjoe Gortner, the man who became a ordained preacher at the age of four. At a very young age, Marjoe's parents forced him to repeat scriptures from the Bible, line after line, under the threat and execution of mock-drowning. He would then be sent to revival meetings with the intent of making money. Eventually, this tore him apart and he revealed all his secrets in the documentary film, "Marjoe", at the age of 20.

Now, this kid is obviously not Marjoe. I doubt he was threatened and coerced into doing this, but the spirit of child indoctrination still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Not a single point during that presentation was backed up by any scientific article or journal; it was just a kid reciting what his parents crafted for him backstage. And the hucksters in the audience just ate it up; laughing at the right moments, cheering at the right points. If that wasn't a kid up there but a grown man, it would not elicit that kind of response. It's as if they were there merely for the spectacle, enjoying a child being put on stage as a parrot, or a performing monkey. What a bunch of rubes.

And as for the whole organic farming and slow food issue, I've always held this short and simple opinion: better that than starve. That's it. Either you grow bio-engineered foods, or you go organic, and 2 billion of our citizens will starve overnight. Barring land reclamation, land is a finite resource. There's only so much prime farming land to go around. Meanwhile, the population is growing at an exponential rate. We need better farming technologies not only to feed this burgeoning population, but also to prepare against things such as pests, droughts, floods, and other natural disasters. So keep your 2 dollar apple; I'm going to support the farmers who keep food on the table, and not the ones who massage my ego.

Somebody is Grounded

8-bit godzilla squirrel running around with a chainsaw

Wipeout - Top 10 Moments

Hi, my name is Robert, and I'm an ex Mormon.

Bush lawyer dismantles Fox argument against gay equality

Eva Mendes Sex tape!

Dumb Ostrich Doesn't Understand Window

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