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How the Grateful Dead Changed Live Music Forever

The Eclipse in 23 seconds.

Back to the Future 4 - Trailer #1 (2018) (Fan Made)

Shepppard says...

Interesting, because I know a lot of the source material. A good chunk was taken from the 30 year anniversary stuff in 2015, Some was taken straight from "Fast to the Future"; The IGN april fools day prank.

Decently put together, but honestly there's no real.. plot. It's just kinda.. all the footage.

That is NOT going to rub out

Stephen Piscoctty is.. SCOTT STERLING!

Stephen Piscoctty is.. SCOTT STERLING!

Shepppard says...

Fair point, *Related=

eric3579 said:

Same dude hit three times in the same inning is insane. I however don't get the Scoot Stirling thing. I assume it's suppose to make the clip funny, but i don't get it. I'd be more interested in hearing the announcers of the game.

Stephen Piscoctty is.. SCOTT STERLING!

Say 'Hello' to the best Australian Lifestyle Subscription Bo

Say 'Hello' to the best Australian Lifestyle Subscription Bo

IT - Official Teaser Trailer

Shepppard says...

Yeah... in a book about a killer clown.. thing, that was actually the part that stood out as the most "wtf" for me.

I just... really?

Mordhaus said:

I know which scene you speak of, it would be exceedingly difficult without advancing the ages of the protagonists.

Star Wars Rebels - Old Ben Kenobi vs Maul

Shepppard says...

Tons of Subtleties in this, Specifically that the move Maul uses to try to end the duel is the same one he used to kill Qui-gon, years earlier.

Obi-wan also uses the same form he became famous for, but in the end decides he needs to change forms (From the one we see in the prequels, to what he uses later, while fighting vader. And adapting the same pose Qui-gon had decades earlier).

Neat stuff, Really enjoying this show.

(Also for anybody who'd like to see the leadup to the fight.)

Best way for removing cedar shingles

AHCA: A Republican Response to The Affordable Care Act

Shepppard says...

The point that a nation full of poverty with hugely less spending...has a better life expectancy than you do?

Who cares about what they're doing with their lives, shithole or no. They still get to live longer than you do, who gives a shit how.

How can you not look at ANY American system (because the same results were there pre-obamacare, rest assured.) and not realize how flawed that is?

Lets even just say.. "You spend more, it should be better", capitalism at its finest... but it's not. That's the point. You're spending ten times as much on shit, but your result is the same if not worse. That means either you need to spend fucking less on that kinda shit (because obviously, if cuba can find the exact same drugs for less, I'm sure the place that makes them can find a way.) Or you need to start living until 102 to justify the price tag.

bobknight33 said:

What exactly is your point?

You point about an article from 2014 ( obama care era) that the current system is shit?

That Cuba citizens live as long and pay less? That Communism is better? That Cubans live shit life's but have live as long? Sign me up for that stuff... Then I 'll build a boat out of trash bans and float 90miles to tot the USA for a worse life. Sign me up for that stuff.

What is you point because are not putting anything out but your straw man argument.

The Little Mermaid 2017 - Official Trailer

Shepppard says...

Welp, real or fan made.. There's no way in hell disney is going to let them get away with the title.

Pretty sure that's trademark infringement, and being as Disney is making a billion live action remakes of all their old films (..including the lion king) I can only assume that this is going to be renamed insanely quickly.

Apple Campus 2 January/February 2017 Construction Update 4K

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