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Amazon Alexa Gone Wild

Nature is better than Isaac Asimov's Brain

Nature is better than Isaac Asimov's Brain

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How to draw a simple spiral.

America's Got Talent - Team iLuminate dazzles

How to draw a simple spiral.

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Shakesify says...

Thanks for the quality double promote!

It truly is a pretty frightening timeline we seem to be in atm...

ChaosEngine said:

*quality *doublepromote

This is what we've fucking sunk to.

Remember John Olivers "look way up, you'll see rock bottom" bit?

We have now fallen so far that we have looped around the universe in some bizarre space-time weirdness and are now plummetting toward rock bottom again from the other end of the universe, calmly waiting for the sweet relief of oblivion as we smash face first into catastrophe.

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eric3579 (Member Profile)

Railroad Thermite Welding


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