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Giant Chicken

High School Talent Show - Billy Jean

RadHazG says...

I'M BETTER BECAUSE I DON'T CARE ABOUT SHIT. What a child. You gonna go emo it up and blog about the sheeple while you complain about everything and accomplish jack all? It's a tiny fucking town man, ANYTHING happening there is something to get excited about for us. So take your holier than thou and shove it up your whiny ass.

chingalera said:

As a side-note, MY hometown has produced plenty of NFL players and I could give a fiddlers-fuck about any of 'em or any kind non-participative football, OR sports, or television-Pop culture and programming: "It's What's For Dinner!"....for slaves

High School Talent Show - Billy Jean

RadHazG says...

Nothing brings pride quite like being from a small town and having it produce an NFL QB (for my fav team no less) and a viral video star that ends up on my fav site.

HBOs 'Questioning Darwin' - Creationists Talk Creationism

RadHazG says...

And people wonder how 25% of Americans still think the sun revolves around the earth. Ah yes, herein lies the explanation. Such genuine, complete, and absolute TERROR at the idea of anything even approaching critical thought that it means even attempting to use rationality on any subject is taboo. It's sad. More than that it's terrifying because those 25% (and these people) get to help decide on the fate of so much that is important through voting. Or at least in theory they do. *sigh*

Don't kick snow on a stray cat, or else

"This is About God" -- minister says NO mid-cermony!

RadHazG says...

Uh mr preacher I'm pretty sure its up to the bride and groom whether or not they can photograph, not you. I do believe its their ceremony not yours.

Long day? Have a Pepsi bath!

Bill Maher - Pope's Tweets

Pop the balloon game , the humping moves

"Dancing Queen" - (WTF Version)

RadHazG says...

I find myself voting for this and not having the slightest clue as to why. At the same time I do know that it deserves it. Such is the conundrum that is the WTF channel.

Pyroclastic Flow Explained

RadHazG says...

It's called glass building + air pressure from rapid collapse of the top floors = blown out windows. But then this would make to much sense I suppose. People will ever insist on seeing only what they want to see, conspiracy nuts most of all. Occam's Razor defeats all comers.

Footage of the New York Fair 1939 set to Brian Eno Tune

Patrick Stewart on domestic violence and being awesome.

What Rush Hour In Ho Chi Minh City Looks Like.

RadHazG says...

This certainly does look pretty crazy but imagine for a moment as you watch if all those people were in cars instead of all those scooters. my god the traffic jams.

Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

RadHazG says...

mm Yea I screwed up the channels buuuuut *dupe=

(no I can't actually invoke that but still)

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