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John Oliver - Parkland School Shooting

PlayhousePals says...

Like I said, it's a visceral feeling deep in my gut. Doesn't happen often in my life but has proven to be exceedingly noteworthy when it occurs ... and I'm probably old enough to be your uh ... um, aunt

SDGundamX said:

@PlayhousePals [snippage abounds]
Heh, I'm just getting old is all. I am rooting for them, and good on them for turning the tables and shaming the adults ... Hopefully my pessimism is just grumpy old man talk.

John Oliver - Parkland School Shooting

PlayhousePals says...

Normally I'd agree but something about the boldness of these kids this weekend sparked a visceral ray of hope deep within me [like the gut feeling I had that Trump WOULD win the moment he was declared the nominee]. They made me sit up and take notice ... I'm choosing to root for and support them. They are the future and I'm so weary of the current state of disarray.

SDGundamX said:

And I'm thoroughly pessimistic about it ever happening. The NRA and gun "enthusiasts" as well as the gun manufacturing industry are just too strong as a lobbying group. These kids are absolutely doing the right thing by protesting and they'll get their time in the spotlight, but eventually that spotlight will shift to something else and it will be business as usual in D.C. with politicians taking political donations from the NRA to fund their never-ending re-election campaigns.

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