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How Patriots Became Siege - Investigating Rainbow 6:Patriots

VENOM Official Trailer (2018) Tom Hardy Superhero Movie HD

Solo: A Star Wars Story Full Trailer

Poke at it with a broomstick...

Spain-1 US Navy-0

Parking Karma Served Cold

Porsche Vehicle Service

Porsche Vehicle Service

NaMeCaF says...

So, what I get from this ad is that the part to replace costs MORE than buying a brand new Porche, so he buys the new car instead?

New Rule: Distinction Deniers

Why is some racism still ok?

NaMeCaF says...

Woke? Everyone's thin-skinned little bitches now who think no one should ever be "offended" in their entire life. Well I find that offensive, so fuck off

You can do it, Lars!

It's not easy to be a tram driver.

Healthy As a Horse

NaMeCaF says...

Mystic95Z says...
bobknight33, you and all the Trumper's are whats wrong with this country GTFO you POS.

newtboy said:

This is the right wing mindset. After 8 years of publicly wishing the president dead, they naturally assume their political rivals are the same kind of human filth that wants anyone not agreeing with them eradicated.

World's Dirtiest Song

NaMeCaF says...

Reminds me of this old nursery rhyme we used to sing as kids...

Mary had a little lamb, she also had a duck
She took 'em round the corner and taught them how to...
Fried eggs for breakfast, fried eggs for tea
The more you eat, the more you drink, the more you want to...
Peter had a boat, the boat began to rock
Up jumped Jaws and bit off his...
Cocktails and ginger ale, forty cents a glass
If you don't like 'it, you can shove it up your...
Ask no questions, tell no lies
I saw two men doing up their...
Flies are bad, mosquitoes are worse
And this is the end of my dirty, rotten verse

What Causes a Foreign Accent?

NaMeCaF says...

The second part is not quite accurate as some people more than others are able to more easily adapt and pick up the new sounds of other languages. I know a German who can do flawless American and British English accents (attested to by other Americans and Brits). And some people are able to accurately replicate accents they are consistently exposed to (most millennials in Australia can do perfect American accents due to the exposure of American TV here that they have grown up with).

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