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Brooklyn Mom Goes Off on Fellow Subway Passenger

Dumbo Teaser Trailer

Robert De Niro Shouts ‘F*ck Trump’ Twice at Tony Awards

NaMeCaF says...

Unreal. Imagine the shitstorm if someone had said "Fuck Obama" a few years ago? They'd be slammed and called racist by the media and everyone on social media.

I dont like Trump either but this is ridiculous. Such a shame.

Tickling Beards

In a German tornado

NaMeCaF says...

Sounds like he speaks 3 different languages. English, German and... Greek? Spanish? Valerian?

smr said:

Yeah, but what in the scheisse was he speaking at :58???

Think you could avoid killer robot dogs by climbing stairs?

NaMeCaF says...

That looks so much more awesome walking "backwards". I always thought it looked really awkward walking with the legs bent backward (like chicken legs).

Chemical Plant explodes with Reddish-Orange Color Smoke

NaMeCaF says...

LOL. Yeah, dont worry about evacuating guys. It's more important to keep filming so you can upload it to your YouTube channel to show your friends.

Rick Moranis unretires to play 'Spaceballs' character ...

NaMeCaF says...

"most notably rejecting the chance to appear in Paul Feig’s 2015 Ghostbusters reboot. Apparently, the Schwartz is mightier than a proton pack."

I think more likely he knew how big of a turd a Feig-led Ghostbusters reboot would be. I cant understand how it even got funded in the first place.

Single-handedly destroying trust in humans

Mean Tweets – Avengers Edition

NaMeCaF says...

LOL. I dont know why I even bother.

First of all, I'm not even in the northern hemisphere (again, you're bubble) and have no love for Trump or white-supremacists. In fact I'm half Maori so I guess that makes you're whole argument moot.

I really fear for our future with all the closed minded, bubble living idiots like you coming out of the wood-work now.

Payback said:

Nah, I just think you're a closed-minded douche.

The comment I was replying to was about "racism" towards whites. Not sure where non-white on non-white racism comes into this. I just don't believe making fun of, or critisizing, or generalization of whites can be considered racism. We're on top. If someone marginalized by whites marginalizes someone else further down the oppression scale, that would certainly be racism.

As for the Nazi reference, I'm sure you're one of the good ones Trump told us were at Charlottesville.

Mean Tweets – Avengers Edition

NaMeCaF says...

Either you're a complete moron or a troll. If you honestly believe what you wrote then you live in one weird bubble and are honestly racist. You're definition of racism is so far removed from the actual definition it is straight up racist itself.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess you are a American or Canadian who lives in that typical America bubble where the world is just your immediate doorstep and things like ethnic cleansing and racial prejudice between Africans, Chinese, etc simply dont exist to you.

I would invite you to sincerely re-examine your beliefs and world-view my brother because you're views are frightening.

PS: I love how it took you only two posts to devolve straight into Godwin's law. That must be a record.

Payback said:

Jawohl herr kommandant.

Ducks in Germany wait for the green signal at a crossing

NaMeCaF says...

There's a reason they wait politely and dont jaywalk in Austria (and I'm guessing Germany as well). It's because cars have the right of way and its up to them to let you cross. If you walk out willy-nilly and are hit, it's on you.

Sarzy said:

Fake to the max, but I did find it funny on my recent trip through Europe that in some countries, people would wait politely at crosswalks and refuse to jaywalk (like Austria and Germany), and in other countries they'd just cross whenever they wanted, lights be damned (like Portugal and especially Italy).

Road-Rage Incident

Ducks in Germany wait for the green signal at a crossing

Mean Tweets – Avengers Edition

NaMeCaF says...

Piss off idiot

Payback said:

As whites are, and always have been, dominant over everyone else they've interacted with, it's not "racism". There needs to be a downward direction if a statement is to be considered racist. I'm white, and I feel "racism against whites" is not only currently impossible, but the idea is inherently racist.

And whiny...

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