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Platform Gaming In Minnesota

Circular Saw Kickback Killer-use science to make tools safer

My_design says...

This is cool, it will be great for newbies and people that have limited experience. I'd like to think that people that use these frequently to make long cuts, know to put a wedge at the start of the cut to keep from having kickback. But too much safety is never a bad thing.

So THIS is how small scale audio sampling works

Space Force - Announcement Trailer

15 Minutes by Tim Minchin

My_design says...

He seems to nail it pretty regularly, but damn is he spot on with this one.
To quote John Oliver...."Facebook is a toilet"

eric3579 said:

He pretty much nails it with this one *doublepromote

Playing The Last of Us

The Restoration of Ave Maria Narrated Version

Technically Tasteful Nude Calendar

It will not be as sweet as you expect

Anus Clenching Parkour

My_design says...

NOPE! Nope nope nope nope double dippity hippity noppity.
made it 10 seconds in and shut it down like a KFC serving raw chicken on romaine

Orcas playing with swimmer at Hahei Beach, New Zealand

George H.W. Bush, American War Criminal

My_design says...

Wrong Bush.

"That's what she said!"

newtboy said:

Keep in mind, it was neither his genocidal tendencies nor his expansionism that were used as the public excuses to attack, it was a false narrative about a successful nuclear weapons program (and other fantasies about weapons of mass destruction) and another false narrative about his ties to and support of terrorists, both lies created by the Whitehouse.

I think we violated master Tzu's teachings and went to war not knowing our enemies or ourselves, a sure recipe for failure.

Valley of the Boom: Trailer #1 | National Geographic

No joking around about the turkey

My_design says...

I brined a 14 pound turkey and roasted it in a convection oven after putting rosemary, sage and thyme butter under the skin. Took it to my mother-in-laws. She usually cooks, now I'm a little worried I showed her up... But my wife said it was the best she'd ever had and I was happy with it.

Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRES - Skate Canada 2018 - FS

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