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Full Frontal - The Green New Deal

Mordhaus says...

It is a ludicrous resolution with pie in the sky hopes. It's the equivalent of passing a non-binding resolution to end all wars or to create a machine to pull water from the air without spending massive amounts of energy.

Not only does it suggest incredibly unrealistic goals on the environmental front, especially when one considers that China/Russia will cheat their fucking asses off to prevent meeting the goals due to the enormous economic hit, it also tries to tie in socialized medical care, high paying jobs for everyone, the death of large corporations, cheap housing, and (among other things) the economic security of ANYONE who is unable/unwilling to work.

While we are at it, we should start looking into breaking the concept into five year increments. I hear that did wonders for the USSR.

Ahoy: MP40.

1000 Musicians Doing Bittersweet Symphony Live

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Disney's Aladdin - Special Look...

Mordhaus says...

My main point is not that the genie could only be played by Robin Williams, but that Will Smith is a terrible fit for this role. Will Smith can act if he is forced to by the director, Ali proved that. But if you just hire him because you wanted a comedian to play a role, you are going to get Will Smith acting as Will Smith.

That can work sometimes, IE MIB, but in other roles it is going to distract the audience from the scenes the actor is in (Suicide Squad).

There we many other actors that could have slid into this part and done it better. I'll wait for the movie, but I suspect that Smith is going to ruin the character for me.

BSR said:

All actors are in a league of their own. Each with their own followers. Each with the same end goal. Robin Williams is still a powerhouse, even in death. But he didn't collect everyone. Not because he wasn't good, but because some people like apples more than oranges.

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Egg rice in 2 min

Disney's Aladdin - Special Look...

Why play regular Tic Tac Toe when you can objectify Men


Let's Talk About How Trump Can Drain the Swamp

Magnetic Fields In Slow Motion

SCTV The Battle Of the PBS Stars

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