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Mordhaus says...

Small update re: my condition. The ultrasound didnt find a hernia, although it was an amazing amount of fun (sarcasm) having some unknown lady groping me for 30 minutes and leaving me with a small towel to deal with the literal POOL of liquid that they use to make the sensor work.

The right testicle has went down in swelling some, but it is still about 2-3 times it's normal size and it is uncomfortable sitting for any length of time.

I'm almost done with the medication they gave me (doxycycline because they think it got infected and prescription aleve, which is nigh useless for the aching pain) and I am due to go back on the 21st for a re-evaluation.

If the swelling doesn't go down more, they may want to discuss methods of draining the excess fluid. Not looking forward to that. Hopefully I will be back soon, bear with me.

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

Mordhaus says...

Just a heads up. I was in a minor accident and took an arrow to the...well, a hard object to the groin. This has led to what I can easily describe as the most amazing pain and swelling I have felt in 45 years. The urologist said it was Epididymitis caused by blunt trauma. I have an ultrasound on monday. Needless to say, this is why I haven't been posting for a few days and won't be until the pain goes away long enough for me to sit at a computer.

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Robbery Stopped With Swords

Robbery Stopped With Swords

Mordhaus says...

It’s very important to note that drawing direct parallels between countries when it comes to crime is very murky, as these difference could be due to differences in laws, the way the criminal justice system is set up, how policing is done, how crimes are reported, and much more.

Quoting this: Harold Pollack, co-director of the University of Chicago's Crime Lab, called Zimring and Hawkins's book "an excellent source." In a 2015 phone interview, he pointed to a number of more recent studies that fit the pattern it identified.

"There's no question the United States faces a number of distinctive social policy challenges, some of which affect the crime rate. But many other OECD countries face their own distinctive problems that affect their crime rate," he told me. Western Europe, for example, has a major problem with drug use. Canadian cities have "very high" rates of property crime like car theft. And yet, the US still stands out on murders.

"I think that Americans have this view of Western Europe, or Toronto for that matter, which is very stereotypical and doesn't take into account the challenges that many of peer industrial democracy problems face," he points out. "There's a lot of drug sale, a lot of ethnic stratification and conflict, there's a lot of just general crime."

Crime rates in Canada aren't that much lower than the USA, there are just fewer violent crimes, like homicides.

In addition to this, a major factor might be considered in regards to Canada. Population and population density. Canada is lower than the USA across the board, 36.71 million to 325.7 million and density of 3.9 people per km to almost 90 people per mile (last census data).

I don't support the NRA, btw. I think they are idiots. I do support logical gun laws. I don't care for fake news.

I also think I was civil in my response to your original comment. I have tried to remain that way even though one could classify your response to mine as hostile and provocatory.

Drachen_Jager said:

Oh yeah, thanks, that totally explains why gun violence, violent crime, and non-violent crime are all way higher in Canada than the US.

Oh, no... did I get that backwards? I guess all your gibberish just doesn't play out in the real world, huh?

TWICE in recent weeks, the NRA's wet-dream-come-true, the "good guy with a gun" was on the scene and got shot and killed BY THE POLICE because they saw a guy with a gun and just shot. That's a pretty big fucking hole in your theory, isn't it? I mean aside from the fact that reality simply doesn't jibe with your theory.

But I guess you'll go do what your type always does when a theory doesn't match the real world. Call "Fake News!" and pretend you're right no matter what happens.

Robbery Stopped With Swords

Mordhaus says...

Funny, but the robbers had axes. The owners had a defensible position and swords. Since this is known now, the robbers can bring bows and...soon you end back up with guns.

The only alternative to this is to disarm everyone, knowing the criminals will not obey, and hope that the 'safer' weapons the criminals do use will at least allow for a less wounded victim. This method also relies on the victim to capitulate completely in mortal fear.

Many might prefer the second method, I do not. Sadly, most nutjobs and criminals know that good targets can be found in any state, some much more than others but realistically any state is vulnerable.

Why? Because even in gun friendly states, 'gun free' zones exist. Nine times out of ten, that 'gun free' zone is going to be the target. You will hear stories that say "Oh, a person was shot at a gun range/show" or "Chris Kyle was killed with a friend at a gune range." What those stories leave out are the details, because the headline is what matters when you are pushing an agenda.

The gun range Chris Kyle was shot at is an outdoor one, the three men were alone and isolated. The mental one shot two men and fled. You will hardly read that, usually the image they want to present is that multiple other gun owners were standing around and did nothing.

You will see stories about people shot at other ranges or at gun shows. What they generally won't mention is that almost all of them are due to either a self wound (suicide) or an accidental shooting from poor handling.

Drachen_Jager said:

I was just going to say that. Looks like it's the father about to take his son's face off actually.

Also, see, Americans? If you don't have guns everywhere, you don't NEED a "good guy with a gun". (also the "good guy with a gun" doesn't end up getting shot by the f-ing police when they show up as has happened twice recently now)

Robbery Stopped With Swords

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Is this what Trump expected from global warming tweets?

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