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Fly Through a Nebula 163,000 Light Years Away (30 Yrs...)

Relax by petting your dog

Relax by petting your dog

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Climate Denial: A Measured Response

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Gray Whale swimming through kelp forest

Lumm says...

The intertubes have made us suspicious... *beg while I'm here

BSR said:

Could you maybe put NOT A SCREAMER in the description?

Now I have to watch the whole thing over knowing it's safe.

When Birds Had Teeth

lurgee (Member Profile)

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Meet Norway’s Modern-Day Vikings

Lumm says...

"[...] you haven’t been to Trondheim, Norway. The town still lives like their ancient ancestors before them[...]"

I have been to Trondheim, and while it was some years ago, it was a modern city at the time. I don't recall making my shoes or anything.

"[...] all lead by Chief Viking Ingrid Galadriel Aune Nilsen." That's gonna be news to the residents, who probably thought that Trondheim's mayor, who Google tells me is Rita Ottervik, led the city.

The Most Useful Fossils in the World

When's the Right Time for Black People to Protest?

Mars Curiosity: 5 Year Timelapse

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